What is Augmented Reality? Examples and How to Do It!

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Augmented reality is basically using technology to overlay information about the real world. For example, images and sounds are superimposed over what the user sees and hears. Imagine something like in the movie “Minority Report” or “Iron Man”, only that using the screen of your phone instead of holograms.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality: Differences!

Augmented reality is quite different from virtual reality. The virtual reality means environments generated by a computer so that you can interact and become fully immersed in this environment. Augmented reality (also known as AR/RA), adds something to the reality that you will typically see instead of replacing it.

What is Augmented Reality: the Origins

Augmented reality is often presented as a kind of technology and futuristic. For example, the power of many fighter aircraft, since the 1990s show information about the attitude, direction and speed of the aircraft, and a few years later it could show objects that are outside of the field of view of the aircraft.

Augmented Reality: the Development

After this initial development the most basic, several labs and companies have tried to build devices that provide an augmented reality more to our range. And several applications try to provide augmented reality experiences with games or other types of information.

Augmented Reality on Your Smartphone or Tablet: How Does It Work?

In spite of initiatives notable of augmented reality with the use of advanced technologies, it is more possible for you to experience the augmented reality through tablets or smartphones. In these cases, you will generally use the sensors and cameras on your device to connect the real world with the world of reality extended by your device.

For example, you can walk down a street with your mobile phone by using your GPS and on the screen of your device, appear information about the streets of the city. With the camera pointed at some places and crossing it with the GPS information, an application can display information on the screen of the phone, or show animations, 3D images, or enemies of a game. Pointing to the sky, you can have the name of each one of the stars.

Experience the Augmented Reality: Do You Even

A traditional augmented reality you can create: using a program or application, you can create images that a camera or a specific application can read and translate in augmented reality. This augmented reality you can rotate videos, 3D animations, form objects on that picture, send you to a specific site, finally, a series of interesting applications. And to create that reality is simple.

Create Augmented Reality Online

You will need a smartphone or tablet with an application to “read” your code augmented reality. There are several of these apps in the stores of the operating systems, feel free to choose.

After that, you need a application to create images of augmented reality that you will be using and, at the same time, link these images to which you want to “increase” (a 3D animation, videos, 3D object, etc.). Platforms that can help you out with this are: Layar, Vuforia, Total Immersion, and ARTool Kit. These tools are free and limited, it is worth remembering, compared to the paid versions of development tools for augmented reality.

In the application, you will link a picture (a square filled for several squares smaller black and white) the purpose of their augmented reality experience. This image should be printed.

Hence, just open the augmented reality application on your smartphone or tablet, point to the image, and voila: you will have your augmented reality! Is much more simple than a lot of people might make it appear.


Practice and be Creative in the Use of Augmented Reality

Like any new technology, the augmented reality has many possibilities. You can start with a simple image that gives you a link to a site, and then to make complex images that give you animations, images, and much more. You may, at some point, to develop applications of augmented reality, and who knows, maybe even make a buck with this?

How you want to use the augmented reality? What do you expect from augmented reality? What applications of augmented reality do you already use?