The Largest Manufacturers of Cell Phone in the World, Get to Know!

The ranking of smartphone manufacturers in the world changes with a certain frequency.However, all the major manufacturers, and that more appear in the rankings, give us a glimpse of how each company is on the market today. With the increase in the number of smartphones sold each year, more companies may enter this list, and no manufacturer is safe on the podium of the largest manufacturers.

Samsung is one of the Largest Manufacturers of Mobile Phones in the World

The Largest Manufacturers of Cell Phone in the World, Get to Know

The giant south Korean consumer electronics Samsung is, in most of the researches, at the top of the list with about 20% of the share of the global smartphone market. Despite a fall that has been accumulating for the account of the competing chinese, the company is able to keep on top on top. The cars-the heads are always among the best devices available in the market. Samsung says that the slowdown in sales is due to the increased competition in the segment more sophisticated as the market for smartphones in general slow, with people keeping their devices longer and the innovations are occurring more slowly in this sector.

The Manufacturer of the Cellular Huawei is a Giant

The second entry of the list is quite surprising. The smartphone maker chinese Huawei won the second place by overcoming the tech giant Apple, based in Cupertino. The company became the second largest smartphone manufacturer in the world with the exponential increase in sales in recent years. The company registered a growth year-on-year increasing, which has led the market share of the company to about 15%.

One of the cars heads of the brand is to offer devices with many technologies embedded in the much more affordable prices than the prices offered by competitors. This contributed to what she was gaining each time more space in the market and, of course, became one of the giants of the smartphones.

Apple is One of the Giants of the Smartphones

The tech giant Apple has dropped to the third position in the list. The company is still selling millions of iPhones and displays a modest growth in relation to competitors, the chinese, for example. The company always has a good performance in the premium segment, because its iPhones the most expensive are usually the most sold in many markets. The company has about 12% of the global smartphone market. It is expected that the company competes aggressively the control of the market with the chinese, launching different models of smartphones and technologies to attract more users.

The Largest Manufacturers of Cell Phone in the World, Get to Know

Xiaomi One of the Largest Manufacturers of Smartphones

The manufacturer of chinese smartphone Xiaomi is in the fourth position of the list. While the company is ahead of Samsung in some countries, it still needs to grow more in sales of units globally. The company owns a total market of about 9%. Using the same strategy of Huawei, still need to find a little more to the taste of the clients to popularize even more.

The Largest Manufacturers of Cell Phone in the World, Get to Know

Brand Mobile Phone Oppo

The fifth position is taken by another chinese manufacturer of smartphones: the Oppo. The brand has recorded increases in sales and units in relation to previous years, continuing its expansion in several markets, such as the Middle East and Africa. The main distinction goes to the models the top line of the company, which have excellent technologies at prices well affordable.

Which brand do you like most? What brands have you had smartphones?