The Best App Alarm Clock for Android Phone

Waking up early is difficult for a number of people that insist on using the function “snooze” the alarm clock repeatedly, or worse, turn off the alarm as soon as it starts playing. Sleep is an excellent argument in the morning, and convince him of everything with extreme ease. To make the alarm give more 5 or 10 minutes of sleep is as simple as pressing a button, and this causes people to sleep a long time after the time at which they should stand.

An application of alarm clock for Android phones changes a lot of this scenario. In addition to several alarm functions highly configurable it allows you to choose to solve some math problem to turn the alarm off or put on “snooze”. Up to the level of difficulty of the accounts, mathematics may be chosen. At the most simple level you have to answer counts as 5+5 = ?. In the most difficult option you will prefer to take the battery out of the device and having to troubleshoot something like 17*348. 🙂

In addition to the mathematical functions it is possible to set up MP3 songs for the alarm clock, put the volume to increase gradually, among several other options. The software Alarm Clock Plusis actually quite good and has over 1 million downloads on the Android Market. The automatic translation of the Android Market, which by the way I think horrible translates to the name of the app that is now called Clock Plus.

Download to your phone and configure all of your alarms that you need each day of the week, being able to disable each one individually or together. If you use any program of type Task Killer, set it to NOT kill the app has an alarm, otherwise you may lose time on the following day.

Before I forget, an interesting feature is that the next alarm is shown automatically in the notification bar, making it easier that conference that we always do before going to sleep. Download and leave your comment about the quality of this application of alarms.