Telstra Also Launches MiFi for Internet Connection Sharing

This week was Simyo which announced the availability of a device that allows you to share your 3G internet connection via WiFi and now Yoigo responds to requests from users who increasingly demand navigate from different devices by paying a single data rate.

Telstra has chosen to include the MiFi Huawei 5832s in its offer with the “Internet to go” rates of 25 and 35 euros plan but as main difference from similar offers, time will do only with stay of 18 months for 39 euros.

The Huawei HSPA 5832s allows for speeds of up to 7.2Mbps download and upload 5.7Mbps and includes a battery that gives you autonomy for about 4 hours in operation to transport it anywhere but it will also work directly connected to the mains or to your own computer (in this case only works as modem and not WiFi).