Skiing in Poland

Skiing in Poland

Conditions for skiing are created in the mountain ranges in the south and south-west of the country: in the Karkonosze, Beskydy and Tatras.

Karkonosze is a mountain range in the Sudetenland. The highest mountain within its limits is Mount Snezhka (1603 m). The main centers of skiing are Szklarska Poręba and Karpacz.

Szklarska Poręba It has trails that, according to the category of difficulty, can satisfy any request. Austrian investors have introduced the most modern standards of Alpine technology here, installing new lifts, as well as methods for preparing and maintaining slopes. Two chair lifts operate here, on which skiers can climb to the top of Srenica, located at an altitude of 1362 meters above sea level. “Ski Arena” is arranged on the slope of the mountain – five ski slopes, each of which is equipped with a drag lift: “Pukhatek” (length 1468 m, with artificial lighting) and “Fast” (length 2910 m) – these are simple tracks, “Snowflake” (2080 m) and “Lolobrigida” (4444 m) – difficult slopes, and finally, “The Wall” (2080 m) – the most difficult downhill slope, officially certified for international ski competitions. All Ski Arena Szrenica pistes are equipped with artificial snow devices, which guarantee good snow conditions from November to April.

According to NEXTICLE, Karpacz is located at the foot of the Sněžka mountain. The elevation difference in the ski areas is 530 m. There are 7 lifts. There are 7 slopes of various difficulty levels equipped for skiing (the most difficult is “Zlotowka”), some of them are illuminated at night. There are also opportunities for off-piste skiing, a year-round bobsleigh track and cross-country skiing.

The Beskids are the northern border of the Carpathians. Their relief is dominated by gentle slopes. The main ski resorts in the area are Szczyrk and Krynica.

Szczyrk is located at the foot of two mountains – Skrzyczne (1257 m) and Klimczok (1117 m), 120 km from Krakow. In terms of the number of ski facilities and slopes, this ski resort can compete with well-known alpine centers. The total length of the slopes is 50 km, they are of varying difficulty, there are 31 lifts. There are 4 ski areas in Szczyrk – Dunacie, Salmopol, Beskidek and Malinow. Immediately in the center of the city begins a double chair to the first region of Dunacie – Mount Skrzyczne. Further, to climb to the top – two ways: a chair or a drag. Two good tracks start on this mountain – red and black FIS. From here leaves the longest, 6-kilometer green track, along which you can get to Malinow. Behind Malinow there is a small Salmopol mountain suitable for beginners and children.

Krynitsa – one of the most famous Polish resorts. It is located in the Western Carpathians. There are two ski resorts here – Sloviny and Czarny Potok and Jaworzyna. The complex of Slovina and Czarny Potok is located on the northern slopes of the Krzyżowa mountain (820 m) and offers 7 drag lifts and 11 ski slopes of varying difficulty. Thanks to the skillful layout of the slopes (wide, varying difficulty), Slotviny is very popular with family skiers. Good infrastructure – bars, restaurants, rental, equipment service, ski schools – will allow you to have a great time. Jaworzyna is located on the eastern and southern slopes of the mountain Jaworzyna Krynicka (1114 m). The main attraction of this complex is a suspended gondola road leading to the top of the mountain. There are also four drag lifts. There are 4 slopes for skiing.

The Tatras are the highest mountain range of the Carpathians in Poland. Here is the highest Polish peak – Rysy (2499 m). The High Tatras have an alpine type of relief – sharp mountain peaks and deep gorges. The ski resorts of this area are Zakopane and Szczawnica.

Zakopane is one of the oldest ski resorts in Poland, which received its first track at the beginning of the 20th century. It is the winter capital of Poland, a center for sports and mountain tourism. “Fashion” in Zakopane it hasn’t been for almost a century. Here everyone will find something for themselves: downhill skiing, snowboarding, mountaineering, cross-country skiing, snowmobiles, skating, sledding, etc. And in the evening you can have a great time in restaurants, bars and cafes, where you can enjoy the dishes of the national cuisine of the highlanders. There are three main ski areas in Zakopane. The main, highest and with guaranteed snow – Kasprowy Wierch (1988 m, pendulum car, two armchairs, several ski lifts) is located on the slopes of the main Tatra Range south of the resort. Trails up to 4 km long include quite steep sections and allow you to ride in two valleys at once. To the west of the city stretched a long ridge Gubalowka with one funicular, several armchairs and numerous ski lifts. Total in Zakopane 60 km of prepared trails with slopes of varying difficulty.

Szczawnica is a resort area at an altitude of 435-520 m above sea level, on the border of the Pieniny Mountains and the Sądecki Beskids. To the east of Szczawnica is the Small Pieniny mountain range. There are almost no rocks here, and gentle slopes are ideal for skiing. It is in these surroundings that two large ski centers were built – on the slopes of the Javorka and Dubrašce mountains. In addition, on the slopes of Mount Palenica, bordering Szczawnica, a cable car was built (length – 783 m, height difference – 263 m, difficult route, artificial snow) and the so-called Gravity Ryna, which can be descended on special carts.

Skiing in Poland

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