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Saaremaa is a song of the most beautiful Estonia. In the nature and spas of Saaremaa, you can enjoy the Estonian archipelago atmosphere.    SAAREMAA

Estonia’s first spa destination

The largest island of Estonia, Saaremaa, is located in the western part of Estonia and the distance to the country’s capital Tallinn is about 230 kilometers. Saaremaa’s tourist assets include interesting archipelago nature, spas and music. There is plenty to see in the old villages, castle ruins and the seafront. It is worth exploring Saaremaa, for example, by bike or car.

Over the centuries, Saaremaa has belonged to Denmark, Germany, Sweden and Russia, and it was a strategically important base during the World Wars, for example. However, the last conquerors of the island are not soldiers, but tourists.

Saaremaa is especially known as a spa holiday and car holiday destination. In addition to the only city on the island, Kuressaare, with 15,000 inhabitants, the most famous sights and places to visit in Saaremaa are the Angla windmill hill, the bank bank collision, the Kihelkonna bell tower and the ruins of Maas castle.

Summer is coming to Estonia earlier

Summer is coming to Estonia earlier

Saaremaa has a mild maritime climate, ie winters are mild and summers are warm.

The warmest months of the year in Saaremaa are July-August, when the average daily temperature rises to close to 20 degrees. The coldest in Saaremaa is in January-February, when the average temperature is six degrees.

Spring comes to Estonia earlier than to Finland, and Saaremaa can often enjoy a long spring. Late spring and summer are the golden times of Saaremaa’s tourist season, but you can holiday all year round in the island’s spas.

Spa and active holidays

Saaremaa is especially known as a spa destination. Estonia’s first spa was founded in the 19th century in Kuressaare, and today there are almost ten spas in Saaremaa. In addition to spas, you can play water games on Saaremaa’s archipelago beaches, which are soft and white sandy. The clean beaches are also suitable for families with children.

Saaremaa is a good destination for a nature holiday, as the archipelago nature of Saaremaa offers a lot to see. The island is also a good destination for an active holiday. It is easy to get around the island, for example by cycling, canoeing or horse riding. Diving courses are organized on the northern shores of Saaremaa, and fishing and hunting are also possible on the island.

Saaremaa is known for its music and title roll, and the island hosts many music-focused events, especially in summer. The most famous events in Saaremaa are the Opera Days. Culture from Saaremaa can be found especially in Kuressaare. The city offers the best shopping and entertainment on the island. Saaremaa is a safe and affordable destination in Finnish.



Arrived via Tallinn

People travel to Saaremaa from Finland usually via Tallinn . Finland has good ship and flight connections to Tallinn, from where the journey to Saaremaa continues by bus and ferry. There is a direct bus connection from Tallinn to Kuressaare several times a day. The bus journey between Tallinn and Kuressaare takes about five hours. You can also get to Saaremaa by bus from Tartu and Pärnu . You can also navigate to Saaremaa with your own car.

Passengers traveling by bus and in their own car will board a ferry in the port of Virtsu, located about 140 kilometers from Tallinn, from where there is a ferry connection to the island of Muhu to the port of Kuivatsu. The ferry ride takes about half an hour and the ferry runs once an hour during the summer. Those traveling with their own car can book a ferry seat in advance, for example through local travel agencies or directly from the port. From Kuivats, the journey continues along a four-kilometer-long embankment towards Saaremaa.

Ferry timetables: Ship company

You can also get to Saaremaa by plane. There is a flight connection to Kuressaare from Tallinn and Stockholm, in addition to which MatkaVekka, for example, also offers flights from Finland to Saaremaa. The prices of the flights are around 500-600 euros. Saaremaa Airport is located three kilometers from the center of Kuressaare.

Many Finnish travel agencies offer hotel and spa trips to Saaremaa. Saaremaa is part of the package tours of Tallink Silja, Matka-Veka and Matkapoikie, for example. Package tours are usually boat-bus trips.

Hotels and accommodation

Saaremaa has a variety of accommodation options. In addition to hotels, Saaremaa offers guest houses, homestays, holiday homes and campsites. There are also many spa hotels in Saaremaa.

Most of the hotels and other accommodation are located in Kuressaare, the capital of Saaremaa.

A hotel night in Saaremaa costs about 30–100 euros, depending on the desired level. For example, living in guest houses and camping areas is affordable in Saaremaa. A night in a guest house or campsite costs about 15 euros.

Easy to get around by bike and car

It is easy to move around Saaremaa using your own muscular power. Walking and cycling are a great way to get to know Kuressaare and the city’s surroundings, for example. The bike can also be used for longer distances along well-maintained roads. In the flat terrain of Estonia, cycling is light and bikes are rented on site.

Self-employed holidaymakers rent a car from Kuressaare or arrive in Saaremaa with their own car. The roads in Saaremaa and Estonia are in good condition and the traffic feels at home in Finnish.

In addition to car rental companies, taxi companies can also be found in Kuressaare. The price of a taxi ride is good to agree in advance.



Kuressaare, the only city in Saaremaa

The only city in Saaremaa, Kuressaare, is the center of tourism in the archipelago. Kuressaare has, for example, spas and hotels, as well as many attractions.

The most famous sights of Kuressaare and at the same time the whole of Saaremaa is the old town of Kuressaare, whose streets and squares date back to the 17th century. Other attractions in Kuressaare include the centuries-old bishop’s castle, St. Nicholas’ Church, the Kuressaare Great Bridge and the Veski windmill, which is now more than 100 years old and serves as a café.

Bank collision

Saaremaa is surrounded by numerous impressive-looking beach collisions. The highest of the Saaremaa embankments can be found near the village of Pangna on the northern coast of Saaremaa.

Located at the side of the peninsula, the Panga shoreline is at best more than 20 meters high embankment and one of Saaremaa’s most famous natural attractions.

Windmills are landmarks in the area

Saaremaa is known for its windmills, although there are not many of them left. The foot mill can even be considered a symbol of Saaremaa, but there are also Dutch-style windmills on the island.

The most famous windmills in Saaremaa are Angla windmills. The Angla mill on Leisi road has the most beautiful view of Saaremaa: five windmills on a windy slope.

The work of the renovated mill can now be followed, for example, in the Mihkli Local History Museum in the village of Vik.



The best activities in Saaremaa

  1. Cycling
  2. Riding
  3. Rolling
  4. Canoeing
  5. Diving

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