NoteSlate: A Tablet That Looks Like Paper!

The launch of the devices for reading in the style of the Kindle led to a race in the creation of screens that mimic the millennial and efficient role. The principle, in readers with screens from eInk, they would have their screens only used as viewers of the text. Even colored images, or high resolution would be out. But the technologies evolve, and new features always appear.

Tablet clipboard: NoteSlate to write as paper!

Now the technology has given one more step, and the aim is another: to write directly on a screen as if it were paper, and save each drawing in the memory of the device. This is the basic principle of operation of the NoteSlate, a kind of a tablet the size of an A4 sheet, with an initial cost of only $ 199.

Colors for the NoteSlate

In addition to the white that you can see in the image above, the NoteSlate is manufactured in other colours such as blue, green, red, and black. In the site official of the NoteSlate you can see more details.

A care in time to buy the NoteSlate

Just as we must take care to buy the first generation of a smartphone, the same care should extend to a tablet/ereader like the NoteSlate. He promises much, and may not deliver all that it promises, particularly in the context sensitivity of the stylus pen that comes with the unit. The NoteSlate may also end up being a bit slower in the interface than promised, but worth a test before you confirm the purchase of the instrument.

Would you buy a device with only this functionality, or do you prefer a tablet that in addition to all the other functions it can also serve as paper for writing? What do you think that a device like this you need to do to be successful? Leave in the comments!