Mobile Brazilian Worth?

Smartphones and tablets are quickly replacing laptops and desktop computers in more diverse roles. With a market that is still in wide expansion, many electronics brands are brazilian and trying the luck in this business, launching their own models manufactured in Brazil. But the question that begs is: these phones are worth?

Brand Mobile Brazilian

Many brands “brazilian” are just importers that they nationalized generic models of smartphones. Therefore, it is important to take great care when we talk about mobile phones “brazilian”. Two manufacturers deserve to be highlighted, however, and when we refer to smartphones brazilians, we will be speaking of the models that these brands have launched: Gradient and Positive.

Mobile National Brand Worth?

Depends a lot on what you are looking for. The Gradient, for example, is not a company with a virtual presence very strong. In addition, their models of “smartphones” are well outdated, and it looks like the company focuses more on selling “dumbphones”, which are the most basic models. However, this all translates into mobile models that are cheaper, and can meet their most basic needs.

In the case of Quantum, we are already on a different level. The company has an online presence more strong and is keeping updated on the market, with a good customer service. Your appliances do not leave the want to the models of the most famous brands, and only some of the criteria the devices end up sinning, but nothing too drastic that would endanger the use of the device in the day-to-day. However, it is worth remembering that the Positive is a “manufacturer” of cell phones, that is, it makes the design of the device, assembly and distribution, but none of the parts is manufactured by the brand.

In summary, brands can be worth it depending on the use you want to give to the unit, and what are their demands on the quality of the device. However, a board is as well valid in this area: the research.

By research, we mean that it is necessary to compare prices and features of different devices in the same price range that you want to invest. It is also necessary to search for complaints online of the devices that you interested, and how brands deal with their customers in the post sale. After all, after paying a good money on a device, you do not want to have to wait days in the care of the SAC to be able to request a repair under warranty, right?

Do you have any smartphone of a brazilian brand? Which? Would recommend?