Kindle in Brazil! Is It Worth Buying?

The wireless reading device from Amazon, the Kindle, has been called everything from “amazing” to ” revolutionary”. Has dozens of books (many of them free), but it is the size of a pocket book. And recently, the Amazon, Brazil has launched the device here, after some years of waiting. But is it right for you to buy it?

Before you do an economic analysis of the purchase of the Kindle here in the country, we will report two cases: a a person who likes of the Kindle and the other of a person who does not like the Kindle. These stories will serve as a way to help you decide, out the economic reasons, if the Kindle is the gadget that’s right for you.

Buy a Kindle

There are a few things that have changed in an unequivocal manner the way in which we read: movable type , binding paperback, and perhaps the notes of post-it notes Now I think that there is an addition to the list: the Amazon Kindle.

The Kindle is so small and light that it is possible I put it in my purse and bring it along wherever I go, no more getting stuck in line at the bank, waiting at the doctor’s office or getting a quick snack at a restaurant without anything to read. The screen is incredibly crisp and clear and is very easy to use.

One of the best things about the Kindle is that you can store around 3,500 books, and I’m working on my reading of multiple books at the same time and there is no more such as forgetting a book or forgetting where I left off, once they are all together in one place . When I do flights work, know that I have a stack of virtual books with me is the only thing that keeps me are.

I also love that I can subscribe to Time magazine, the New York Times and about 100 other magazines, newspapers and blogs and have them automatically delivered wirelessly to my Kindle. Really, it’s like magic: I wake up in the morning and reading material fresh is waiting for me. In addition, during the same wireless connection, I can buy books straight from the device (and they are cheaper than the paper versions archaic, too), is really a never-ending source of reading material and there is always something new.

I find myself reaching for my Kindle constantly and bring with me wherever I go.Changed how I read and I don’t want to go back to books full of paper the old fashioned.

Do Not Buy a Kindle

First of all, I am not against technology. I have an iPhone , I have one of the first writers of TV programs and I make my life working in the internet industry.

I admit, the Kindle is attractive. It is lighter than a hardcover book. You can load multiple books on vacations, holidays and trips without additional weight. And every time that a book appeals to you , wherever you are, you can buy it directly from the Kindle and it will download immediately.

But some things are sacred.

The books are filled with the memory of the senses. Each one has its own thickness and color and design and font. But on a Kindle , each book is exactly the same. To the same source. The same size. The same style. All the same.

The books are history. When you look at your shelf you see a record of everything that you’ve learned and appreciate. Do you remember where you were when you were reading each book. But on a Kindle, all the books are bits and bytes, invisible to the naked eye. Nothing more than a list of titles on the screen.

Books reflect who you are. Some of the books you choose to keep and display in your living room. Others are more private. And some that you feel don’t reflect you, are banished from view. Not so with a Kindle. No one knows what you’ve read when all the books are locked away on a Kindle.

Books to start conversations when people espionam what are you reading at the airport or in the subway. Who knows that is how you will find your big love? Not with a Kindle. No one can tell what the heck you are reading on a Kindle. Can be “War and Peace ” or can be a menu of a restaurant.

But maybe you aren’t the romantic that I am. You can live on the other side of your brain. So , go ahead, if you think that the Kindle may be good for you, go take a look.

It’s Worth to Buy the Kindle in the Amazon in Brazil?

Not. To give you an idea, the Kindle basic Amazon’s north american costs US$69, something around R$165,00. The fancier model here in Brazil it costs$299.00. And there are already cases of people who managed to import the Kindle without paying the import fee because the product can be considered to be a book, since that is basically the only possible use for it. Have a friend to bring the Kindle from the outside, or import yourself a model.

If you want a better warranty, and faster delivery, then pay more and buy in Brazil. But you have full consciousness that you will be exiting at a loss.