How to type letters on the mobile phone with numeric keypad

Mobile phones are getting each day more evolved and full of functions and with this increases the need to type letters instead of numbers. The sending of text messages (SMS) was the precursor to this need, but today there are many more reasons to write on the mobile phone than SMS only.

The most up to date apparatus such as smartphones that use Android or all generations of iPhone to solve this problem by showing you a keyboard on the touch screen. In this case it is very simple and has no mystery to some, being as in a real keyboard.

However, the devices low end or even the top of line a few generations ago such as the Nokia N95 has just an ordinary keyboard, with the main numbers and letters written on the bottom. This article explains how to write a text on keyboards as well, like in the figure below.

In this keyboard each number has a few letters on the bottom. The key number 4 has the letter “ghi” below. In a text field while typing on the cell phone, each touch of this key will show a number or letter in sequence: “4”, “g”, “h”, “i”… and begins to repeat again. It works the same way for all keys of the mobile phone, and some offer letters that are not printed on the keyboard, such as accented characters, “g” or punctuation marks. Each manufacturer determines the operation of the keyboard the way they think more convenient. In case you have to type two letters that are equal in sequence, just wait 1 or 2 seconds between the ringtones for the mobile phone to understand that you are starting another letter.

This article is very basic in relation to others that we have here on the site, but I received this question from a reader and I preferred to explain by typing a full-text. And you? Already had difficulties writing letters in the cell? Which device are you using? It has the numeric keypad, or full keyboard with all the letters?