How to Decide Which Smartphone to Buy?

Choose which smartphone to buy is not an easy decision and involves dozens of variables, from the price of the device until the pseudo status that it provides. Evaluating in a critical way we can say that if someone considers it necessary to swap out your smartphone for a better version, any device released after, in the same category will already be a breakthrough. But is it even necessary?

The price is the main limiting factor in the purchase of a new smartphone. Talking only about Android, today (jul. 2012) the Galaxy S3 is the best device available in Brazil, but it costs at least 1600 real in the shops by internet, and you can easily spend 2000 real in the operators or large verejistas. With 1200 real it is possible to buy a Galaxy S2, which is also an excellent device but does not have the promise of receiving the 4 version of Android officially. For those who like technology and want to always have the most new on your device, this is a major obstacle. Another unit interesting, also from Samsung is the Galaxy Nexus, created in partnership with Google, and that will certainly receive all Androids new. There is still a huge range of appliances from other brands and operating systems to compose this list. With so many options, how to choose a smartphone to be purchased?

The first fact to be taken into consideration is that if you pay a high price for the novelty, by the uniqueness of be among the first to own a particular product. This price is paid by the “status” that is expected for this possession. It does not translate to technical features of the device. On the other hand, the latest gadgets tend to be even better than the previous, and this technical advantage also contributes to raise the price of the product. The decision is complicated, but some factors may facilitate the choice:

  • analyze your current need: a device that is not the top of the line certainly will attend to your needs, because you have tapped as well with the phone that you have today.
  • do not consider both the future: you have no way to know how will be the market or which are the models and prices will be practiced for some months. The only certainty is that the unit you buy will lose much of their value.
  • try not to pay for status: the notion that having the smartphone latest will change your life is pure fallacy. This pseudo status becomes a testament to ignorance if you parade with a device that barely know how to use.
  • think in a rational way with the money: the price difference between the model top of the line and the previous can be significant in absolute terms. Maybe you can make even a trip with this money and it will be much better harnessed!

The general idea is that it is very, very difficult to hold the impulses consumptive at the time of choosing a mobile new to buy, but this is essential to maintain the financial health and avoid frustrations in the near future, when the next template is released. Understand the mobile phone as a product geared to the usefulness and focus on it to choose the unit that you need. Do not use phone if your will still meets reasonably.