How to Block Tracking From Google on the Cell Phone?

If you have a smartphone, one of the features that makes it so smart is the history of the location, a list of all the places you’ve been. But this may not be something very positive, if you want to keep your privacy in the first place. Apple, for example, already had problems with this because I was keeping a record of the addresses that the users of the iPhone came to visit him, and some people opted to disable the setting rather than leaving Apple to continue the crawling. The same thing can happen on Android, and the process to cancel this trace is not difficult to follow.

How to Block Tracking From Google on the Cell Phone

How to Stop the Crawler Mobile Google?

Google says that the feature is designed to enhance your experience using the Google Maps app, but not all are as well with the tracking. Some people want to know how to delete location data on Android devices connected to Google and so to avoid that the company has valuable information. Let’s see the step by step to stop the crawler mobile on an Android phone.

Step 1: in the settings menu of your phone, scroll down and select “Location”.

How to Block Tracking From Google on the Cell Phone

Step 2: scroll down and select “location History of Google”.

Step 3: disable the “History of places” using the slider control.

Step 4: Click “OK” when the dialog box appears. Then, click on “Manage your activities” on the bottom of the screen.

Step 5: Click the three vertical dots in the upper right corner of the screen and select “Settings” in the drop-down menu.

Step 6: scroll down to “location Settings” to delete your location history. You can also track your current location in this menu.

Step 7: read the disclaimer and check the box to confirm that you are deleting permanently your location history. Click delete.

To be clear, Google says that the feature “location History” helps make life easier, providing recommendations to the users based on the places that they visited or in the forecasts of traffic for the daily commute. To delete the data of a computer instead of a phone, visit the Google Maps site.


If you have the care to protect their devices and social media accounts, e-mail and logins with strong passwords and two-step verification, the location history Google can be very useful, both to know information about your hiking, sightseeing tours, among others, how to track the location of your device. Cancel the service only if you are sure that you want to keep your history of locations away from the hands of Google.

How to Block Tracking From Google on the Cell Phone

How to Block Tracking on Iphone?

If you have an iPhone, there is a hidden feature that probably keeps a list of all the places you’ll go. Is your home, school or office, Apple keeps a detailed record that includes the addresses of the locations that you visited and number of times that you were there.

On its website, Apple explains why it tracks your movements with the resource Locations/Sites frequent.:

To get to know places important to you, your iOS device will monitor the places that you passed recently, as well as how often and when you visited them. These data are kept only on your device and will not be sent to Apple without your consent. It will be used to provide customized services, such as routing predictive traffic.

If you do not want Apple to keep a list of where you’ve been, is there a way to find and disable the feature.

Step-by-step: how to turn off service frequent local Apple

Step 1: go to “Settings/setup”

Step 2: select “Privacy”

Step 3: select “location Services”

Step 4: scroll down to select “system Services”

Step 5: Scroll down and select “Local frequent/Locations faq”

Step 6: select “Clear history”

Step 7: turn off “frequent Local/Locations faq”

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