Do root in the Galaxy S3 – step by step!

One of the main benefits of owning any Android smartphone is the flexibility. Android devices offer amazing customisation options and allow savvy users to customize their smartphone to the point of making them an extension of your own arms.

The only drawback is that you have to have a phone rooteado before you can make any major changes to the device. Fortunately, rootear a smartphone is not that difficult thing, an arduous and risky that it used to be, and we’ll guide you through the very simple steps needed to become a super user of your device.

Before you continue, just a small warning: the rooteamento is not as risky as it was before, but the procedure still has risks. The device may not work properly if the following steps are not carried out correctly, and may even stop working completely. Keep this in mind before you continue, because we are not responsible for any damage caused to your device.

For this tutorial, we are focusing on the rooteamento of the Galaxy s3. Therefore, make sure your device is the Samsung GT-i9300 Galaxy S3 and not a generic market, or a different version of this that we do. To check this, click on Menu -> Settings -> About device. You will see the option “model number”. If it doesn’t say GT-i9300 or include numbers and additional letters that you are not seeing here, search a little more and seek other sources, therefore this guide may not work for you

Then, before we go on to things more profound, you must be sure that you have version 1.85 of the program ODIN, a tool management software of smartphones from Samsung that can be downloaded at this site.

Once the download is complete, install the program ODIN on your machine. You should also pick up the package CF-Root-SGS3-v6.0, which can be downloaded here.

After the download is complete, unzip the file and place the resulting file extension .tar in some place you will not forget. Do all this without connecting your Samsung Galaxy S3 in your computer.

Then open the program ODIN and click the PDA button, choosing the file .tar that you unzipped.

Then, you need to put your Galaxy S3 into download mode. This is done by unplugging the unit and waiting 10 seconds then plug it back again while maintaining tight the buttons Home, Volume Down/volume down and the Power button/Connect. This is done, connect the device on your computer.

Before you continue, make sure the option “Repartition” is not checked. Click on ‘Start’ and wait for a moment. Do not turn off the device under any circumstances at this time and try to do it with a computer that will not suffer the effects of burst of light or something of the sort. Once this procedure is finished, your android will be rooteado and ready to receive their beloved customizations.