Test: Our Site Mother

Mother is a little gadget that can do almost everything in theory, but it is also its greatest disadvantage. What does it do? Why is the mom? Why has mom cakes? Why does mommy like a matryosha-doll? The questions are many, and they have…
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Test: Garmin Vivosmart

Garmin does some things right with Vivosmart and about as many things less right. It is about half a year ago, Garmin’s first pedometer Vivofit appeared on the market, so it’s been insanely fast between the models. We compare the two…
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Test: Jawbone Move

Cheaper than most, yet with all the features one could ask for. Jawbone Move puts great pressure on competitors. Jawbone belongs to the Veterans of the activity meter turn (product type who also was named to this year’s Christmas gift by…
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