Best App for Call Taxi! By the Mobile Phone and the Internet!

The app 99Taxis has decreased the possibility of passengers choose to stop the taxi by the street, or activate by telephone, the cooperative of taxi drivers, to be able to a taxi ride, since 2012.And the impression is that this has worked, because in mid-October 2014, the 99Taxis has reached 10 million races scheduled, best app taxi.

The balance of the service from its launch indicates that the platform presents 70 thousand taxi drivers with registration in the cadastre, and that claim, represents half of the fleet in Brazil. Month-to-month, are held at the average of 1.2 million races, for which they are received, on average,$ 25.

The 99táxis is good?

The amount of races held in the present day point out that the use of the service has been accelerating with the passage of time, and took 37 months to reach 10 million races, with the fast current, it would take only 9.

And then the expectation of the 99Taxisbest app taxi, is to further increase their travel through the app, and will reach 3 million races by the end of 2015.

And up to this date, waits have 75 % of taxi drivers of Brazil into their ranks. The most a given of the balance sheet comes down to the values moved. In Brazil, drivers have a billing of R$ 150 in Salvador, bahia, R$ 970 in São Paulo. However there are records, of R$1,500 in Salvador, R$ 2.200 in Rio de Janeiro and R$ 7.800 in São Paulo, for example.

The 99Taxis integrates a genre of applications that won the change of appearance of the area. And after changing the scenario in which they were designed, such applications not only increase your own reach, as they still attempt the expansion of the own performance.

Characteristics of the 99Taxis

This is the tool more simple and objective, to call a taxi by 99Taxis is interesting option. The system makes the suggestion of a user’s location, based on GPS information on the mobile phone.

After the screen click “request taxi”, a screen appears in which you can correct the source address, if necessary, and specify the way of payment, to call a taxi by 99Taxis. The options are debit card, cash, credit card or Money by Wappa.

With the confirmation of the request, the system provides the driver that has the register closest to the passenger. This, then, receives the information about the driver, a good example being the license plate of the car, name, photo. Being free to the client and also taxi driver. The map that indicates the position of the taxi driver is easy to read. The platforms for the 99Taxis is iPhone and Android.

Even with the security of the application, it’s still worth following safety tips basic to take a taxi, especially if you’re arriving in an unfamiliar place.

Like 99taxis? What is your opinion about the application?