Android 2.3 for Xperia X10

Update your Xperia X10 to Android 2.3 and does not depend more on the good will of the manufacturer! Manufacturers of mobile phones has been a certain neglect of the user to deny or take a long time to release official updates to the operating systems of their phones. To rid users of this dependence on the manufacturer, the developers of the site XDA-Developers have resolved themselves to carry the operating system.

Android 2.3 for XPeria X10

The version 2.3 of the Android present in the smartphone Xperia Arc has been modified to work in the mobile model Xperia X10. The update of Android 2.3 for Xperia X10 can already be downloaded but is still in beta phase.

The Android 2.3 update is worth doing?

Today I use Android 2.3 on Motorola Milestone, or more precisely the CyanogenMOD 2.3.7 and I don’t have to complain about. It is an excellent operating system. To download the update, visit the web site of XDA-Developers and read the entire thread. In fact, the XDA Developers forum has several updates long before the official versions, which is excellent for those who want to keep your smartphone always up to date with the latest versions of the operating system, or you want to upgrade a machine that is older than you will not receive update from the manufacturer.

I, using my Galaxy Note 2, I have already received by the XDA one 3 updates that have not come to my device by means “official”. Deeply thank you also to the forum for it. I bet you have a lot to learn there. Including a little bit of English, since the forum is all in the language of uncle Sam.

Have any questions about the update of XPeria X10 to Android 2.3? Are looking for a more recent update for your device? The comments are open for your participation!