5 experiences to experience in Sri Lanka

5 Experiences in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is simply charming! North, south, east and west – wherever your trip takes you, you are known for wonderful and unforgettable experiences.

But what is worth doing and seeing in Sri Lanka in particular?

We have put together less than 5 great experiences waiting for you in Sri Lanka!

1. Sri Lankan taste experienceSri Lankan taste experience

As one of best destinations in Southern Asia listed on Countryaah, Sri Lanka is especially known for tea.

Here, tea is grown and made in all possible flavors and colors.

During the trip you can get to know the whole tea making process from plantation to brewing. Once you have learned the secrets of tea making, you can enjoy a cup of steaming, fragrant tea and enjoy the views of Sri Lanka’s beautiful mountains and tea plantations.

During the trip, you will learn a lot about the history and significance of Sri Lankan tea for the citizens of the country.

2. Visit an elephant orphanage

Visit an elephant orphanage

Many of Sri Lanka’s best attractions are related to the island’s beautiful and untamed nature and wildlife. However, some elephants cannot live on their own for one reason or another, so they live in an elephant orphanage.

The Pinnawala Elephant Center takes care of orphans and injured elephants, and today the center houses more than 80 elephants. While the task of elephants is not to entertain tourists, here you have the opportunity to get close to these awesome animals – both big and small elephant babies.

3. Enjoy the bustling nature past the window on the train

Enjoy the bustling nature past the window on the train

Sri Lanka is known for its beautiful nature. But how can you experience local nature in a slightly different way than usual?

On the train, of course!

Old train carriages were originally used to transport spices and tea, but today you can get to see the island in a unique way that is suitable for both big and small.

On the train ride through Sri Lanka, you pass past spectacular highlands and fabulously beautiful tea plantations and past green-sided mountains and small waterfalls with locals flashing along the track.

As the train slowly pushes forward, all you have to do is lean back and enjoy the views.

4. Learn about the history of Jaffna Province

Learn about the history of Jaffna Province

If you’re interested in history, head to Jaffna Province, north of Sri Lanka.

Jaffna exudes history – from a more dramatic end.

Until 2009, the region suffered at the brink of civil war between the Tamil Tigers and the government. The Tamil Tigers sought independence, and the war lasted more than 25 years.

The traces of the war have been repaired and the province of Jaffna has been heavily rebuilt recently, and today the area is definitely worth a visit for those who love history and beautiful nature.

5. Let the adrenaline flow on land and water

Let the adrenaline flow on land and water

If you’re craving the wildest going and want to get your heart beating and your adrenaline flowing, Sri Lanka is for you.

Here you can realize your wildest dreams of an active holiday. Whether you go downhill, dive or hike in the dense jungle, stunning experiences are guaranteed.

So take your excited buddy with you and head to Sri Lanka to try your limits!

The adventure of your life is ahead.

Sri Lanka offers countless stunning attractions and one of the finer experiences. There is something for every taste on the island, so what are you waiting for?

5 experiences to experience in Sri Lanka

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