Your Phone Will in Future be Important for Your Trip

Many appreciate the serenity from the smart phone when they go on holiday, but in the future will be your mobile phone more important on the journey.

Many people love to take time off from their smartphone when they finally have a vacation, but the future may look different.

There is no doubt that the mobile phone is a part of the future – nor when it comes to our travels. Already today, there are a number of travel-related applications ranging from flight search, hotel search, purchasing tickets, restaurant references/-anmeldelelser, travel plans, city guides and more. This will be certainly not less. It writes our site.

In two years, in 2015, will the mobile phone much more influence on our travels. It assesses the flight technology specialist site SITA in the report “Flying into the Future” which has just been released.

The three main points in the report are;

Mobile bookings and purchases are becoming more common. Today it is only about two percent of sales with airlines and airports made via cell phone. However, in 2017, it may be up to 50 percent of the sale, which takes place via the mobile phone.

Airports without service becomes the norm. Many airlines already offer today, that one can check-in either via your mobile phone or via your computer at home. They are not already doing, is probably in the process of the development of applications. Just as services like Apple’s Passbook can do that the electronic boarding pass will appear on the screen when approaching the gate and it will be used.

Air travelers will get more control plus information about the journey along the way. The mobile phone will also continue to be important when it comes to getting information. This means you will be able to keep up with everything from delays, gates, expected travel time and more on their smartphones.