Yotaphone Test 2: Smartphone with Eink-Back

Test conclusion: what you should know

On the front, the yotaphone 2 is just one of many Android phones with 5-inch full-HD display. The comparatively high price justifies the informational back that so did not exist. The touch-sensitive eink display is not only an eye-catcher, it offers real advantages in everyday life. Without user input, important information is always visible, even when the sun shines you can read off easily’s everything, especially without the battery. Yota able to put the new technology in a handy case. Best price on the Internet: 186,90 euro * per order this product at Amazon Super contrast of the EPD the matte EPD is not pleasant haptics good color display ordinary endurance clean processing high pace of work contra no memory card slot slow operation to the EPD battery fixed test note of the editorial 2.36 installed good users rating (out of 2 reviews) already on the Mobile World Congress 2013 showed Yota devices in February the second generation of eink smartphones. The way to the start of production was long, but the result can be seen. The Android Smartphone has a five-inch full-HD resolution AMOLED screen on the front. On the back you will find a large 4.7-inch EPD (electronic paper display) with 960 x 540 pixels. Special feature: Anders provides the yotaphone 2 on both sides than in the predecessor a touch surface. So also the energy-saving screen can comfortably use.

Dual display thanks to eink back

The displays on the front and back are protected by Gorilla glass 3. Although it tends to rotate the device to play around with the eink display, worth a look on the classic front. 442 PPI, it is very highly resolved. Contrast and color fidelity are good maximum brightness slightly low. The eink screen on the back is used mainly to display texts. Read this is actually more fun than on the higher-res color display. The EPD acts as a foil and blends almost seamlessly into the arched back. It is brighter, the better it is. A giant advantage in sunshine when compared to conventional cell phone displays. The image content remains without power. Also, you can permanently available depict important documents such as an airline ticket on the back. Apart from the sluggish reaction it can be operated via touch as a conventional display. It is possible to even respond to messages and emails. In the test, the permanent display of pending appointments proved to be practical. But the grayscale screen displays small simple games such as Sudoku, news and fitness data unless you need to touch the phone. With its appealing reduced design like customized apps or Yota your own surfaces. So, the absence of color is fun.

Mirror, mirror on the back…

Basically everything from the normal display on the EPD can be reflected. When moving images but doesn’t make any sense, because the image change is eink typical comparatively slowly and there’s lightning in the meantime to delete the resulting ghost images. Unlock the main display is the innovative rear panel protected against accidental inputs. By the way I like the feel of the matte surface. The test device, however not every app or setting worked flawlessly. There are still working on fine-tuning.

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Speed and storage for the yotaphone 2

A Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor is inside with four cores and two gigabytes of memory. In the measurement of speed made good results in the yotaphone and is on par with a galaxy of S5. The operation goes fast by the hand. The memory is 32 gigabytes and is not non-expandable, a concession to the sophisticated design must meet special requirements with the double display. The uniform heat dissipation and distribution was a challenge, because the eink display reacts to heat. “The yotaphone is an eye-catcher. I’d like also to a back!”Michael HUCH, Editor

Dimensions and cameras

Weighs 145 grams, thickness 9 mm. Is a 8-megapixel camera with auto focus and LED Flash on the back, front works a 2-megapixel camera without tools. It is sufficient for snapshots, but photos do belongs not to the outstanding strengths of the yotaphone 2. In bad light, hardly anything is to recognize. Even in daylight, there is visible blur. Overall, the photo quality is satisfactory. This also applies to videos.

Android operating system

As Android 4.4.3 kitkat operating system is used. An update on lollipop is neither promised, still said. The hardware has grown Android 5 anyway. Yota devices has special functions for the use of the eink display integrated.

Reception and endurance: yotaphone 2

On bad sending on the D NET, the yotaphone 2 radio traffic afford no coarser Schnitzer. The UMTS reception and low SAR values are positive. The endurance is comparatively well under normal conditions. The battery of the dual-display phones houses 2,550 Mah and is not exchangeable. The mobile occupies one of the front ranks among the phones with the longest maturity. It is unrivaled, if you use the eink display: reading the yotaphone last 2 over 220 hours, the second-best smartphone in the test field creates not even 17 hours with classic screen technology. Who so much the rear of the EPD uses extended the battery life significantly. Running out of battery, transfer all functions on the frugal eink display to fully configurable economy mode.

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Yota devices yotaphone 2: say the Amazon customers

At Amazon, the yotaphone scored 2 very good reviews. More than four stars stand in the average. The eink screen on the back is at the heart of positive criticism. The sleek operating system Android kitkat took just claim such as battery life. Some buyers, however, criticize the update to Android 5.0 and the restricted use of part of the second screen. Also the price to the publication has displeased many.

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