Windows Phone 8.1: Lumia-Denim-Update Now with Cortana

Lumia denim: First update for Windows phone 8.1

Windows phone 8.1 for all current Nokia Lumia smartphones Gets the first mini update: the new firmware is currently Lumia denim (level: 30 January 2015) ready for the Lumia 520, 535, 620, 720, 735, and 1320 with Cortana’s voice Assistant. 1520 access the top models Lumia 930, Lumia 830 and the Phablet Lumia in addition to the new flottere Lumia camera app. Lumia 535 Lumia 730, 735 Lumia, Lumia 830, the new version is already installed, for the activation of Cortana, however these devices must install an additional update. The update includes also fixes the time updating via the Internet, better Bluetooth sound (APT-X) or folders for the home screen. Good news for the older models of Lumia 925 and 1020: after it the first Windows phone 8.1 update (Lumia cyan) gave some users reports of crashing and freezing, appear these problems with the recent Lumia denim update and contained firmware 3051.50009.1451. 100 x fixed. The lumia 920, which has some similar problems, the update is missing yet.

This brings the Lumia-denim-update

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The new Lumia camera


After the update to Lumia denim 830, 930 and 1520 is available for the upper-class devices Lumia the new version 5 of the Lumia camera app. These works significantly faster than the previous camera application, when starting the camera app itself, as well as when saving. Also the app extras such as the optimum absorption (rich capture). Here shoots the app several photos at different exposures sequentially and automatically apply effects such as HDR, or long exposure night shots. In hindsight you can set then variable in several stages, how strong the HDR effect is to be pronounced or what shutter speed should be selected. The Lumia 930 and 1520 can also record videos in 4 k resolution and save later individual still images from the video as a 8-megapixel photo.

Practice test the Lumia camera app

Video: language assistance from Microsoft

A character from the game Halo is the namesake for the new language assistant in Windows phone 8.1 Our site has the Lady talk. Cortana is Microsoft’s new language assistant Cortana speaks German


The most spectacular innovation of Windows phone 8.1 is the language assistant Cortana Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s Siri. She can be used with the latest version of Lumia denim now finally also without tricks in German. Many features of the U.S. version shown in the video, as the answer to complex knowledge questions, but still missing the German alpha version. Cortana starts by pressing the search button on the phone about the app in the program menu or the tile on the start screen. The service runs in the background, created dates on demand, you will read emails and calendar, reminds automatically when reaching a predefined address and called the best restaurant in the area. Also apps like Skype or Twitter support Cortana: Microsoft’s voice control to be able to learn and Smartphone, collects data from your hard-working later as recommendations to give what data the program saves the user determines. Like Google now Cortana to sign up automatically when the system about on the way to a planned target has discovered a traffic jam in the pre-test that did not work in Germany but still. Cortana doesn’t appear in the menu, may be the latest update is missing: Cortana is only the latest operating system version 8.10.14219.341. Info appears in the phone’s settings in the entry have a smaller operating system number such as 8.10.14157.200, Cortana is not already enabled.

How do I install the update?


Do this, open the settings on the mobile phone, and then tap phone update. Who previously had installed the developer preview, must first disable them in the Preview app. A second time because only a preliminary update is installed first, you must invoke menu phone update following circumstances to reach the final update. Their stored data, apps, and settings remain unchanged, however the update in the particular case takes longer than an hour. Therefore, it should be done only when charger plugged in, a Wi-Fi connection is recommended. Tip: Cortana (after restart) will not work, if you downloaded the files for the German language (around 25 MB) in the speech recognition settings.

Windows phone 8.1: All new features at a glance

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When will my update?


Waiting for the update is nerve wracking part. Unlike some at Apple there is the update not for all devices at the same time. Availability depends on the phone model and the provider through which you purchased it detailed information visit the official availability list. Lumia denim, is there in Germany in the last column you can immediately download Windows phone 8.1 update 1. Lumia is Cyan to read, only the original version of Windows phone 8.1 is available.

Installation: Windows phone preview with Cortana

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So the update with the developer preview works

Who wants to wait until the denim-update for his cell phone is available, to install the latest version of Windows phone including Cortana at your own risk on the app preview for developers (see Photo Gallery). So that you get the official update then anyway despite installed developer preview, you must disable the app. So it goes: start the app preview for developers and remove the hook for taking part. The search then after restart the phone update. Alternatively, you can revert any Lumia phone with the software Nokia Software recovery tool in the work condition.

What’s new in principle offers Windows phone 8.1?


As for Android you can call now a status bar wipe from top to bottom, that provides access to new mail, news and important functions such as the flight mode or the screen rotation. Not less important for owners of a cheap Windows phones with tight internal memory: when inserted, sufficiently faster memory card (class 10), apps on external memory cards usually also can be installed. So far, it worked only with photos, movies and music files. Flashy optical innovation: the Windows tiles on the lock screen you can update with an own background image that when scrolling the start menu through seems transparent. The keyboard also gets an update and through the new workflow keyboard strongly reminiscent of Swype: words; caused by quick wipe over the letters This simplifies the writing on your Smartphone already after a short acclimatization immensely. There is good news also for users of a FritzBox Wi-Fi router: Windows phone can finally play also voice mail prompts from emails.

Macken, new technology in

Apart from the striking new features a lot has happened also under the hood. The new version with some nuisances of current Windows phones cleans up with inflexible volume control: who down turned the sound of videos so far, turned on automatically the ringtone quietly. With Windows phone 8.1, ringtones and media playback can be separately. At night, it turns the phone automatically mute, passes then only calls from up to 40 contacts that you have marked as important. A SMS conversation is annoying, you switch it silent. The new system prevents you end full-screen apps by accidentally pressing of the search button. Professionals can enjoy over VPN, which support about remote access on the FritzBox here however not all variants. To end apps from the browser simply by wiping down or the small X icon. When you press the back button no longer closes Windows phone running apps, but plunges them into a snooze mode. The operating system supports new technology: it is prepared via NFC factory on paying with your mobile phone. Screen contents can be wirelessly (via Miracast) represent on a TV or monitor and via USB cable to a Windows PC. On a Samsung TV which worked without any problems in the test. Lumia models can play-to app on Nokia’s play photos and movies to DLNA enabled smart TVs, and since end of may 2014, there’s also the often requested file manager. Also, a revised app store with optional automatic updates and the new WiFi-sense is a feature that automatically identifies good and bad networks and connects to free networks or even limited access hotspots.

Windows phone moves to Windows

Developers have now the possibility in an app file programs to provide equally on Windows phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1 PCs and tablets run. Note: These new apps no longer run on Windows phones that are not updated to version 8.1. Also the operating approaches of the PC version of Windows 8. Contents of the menu can be parts or send to pass on to other apps. Amazing: A preferred Windows phone simultaneously sending to all integrated social networks like Twitter and Facebook is lost. As on the PC Internet Explorer in the improved version with built-in Media Player 11 is used as a browser. Bizarre: Compared to Internet pages identified the new Windows Mobile browser as the iPhone. As a result some pages adapt themselves better, on the other hand redirects the user therefore partly in the app store for iPhones.

Bottom line: Windows phone 8.1


The new system makes a good, mature impression: the most weaknesses of the previous version are fixed, current technology such as Miracast is supported, and it has taken successful control ideas such as the status bar viewed by Android. A blessing is the ability to install apps on a memory card. In some detail, there are however continue to air to above: not always about way of switching between apps (multitasking) and launched apps yourself waiting for the recall a few seconds. The integration with Windows on the PC in turn should come with the next version, Windows phone 10 (Windows 10 for phone). Risikobereite should try too soon on your Smartphone. The wait goes on therefore.