Who Is on Your iPhone Case? Design It Completely Even

Web TV: Covers can be found in tens of thousands of low-cost editions for, among other things. iPhone. But you will get a little more money, you can design a unique cover of better quality, with an additional feature.

It is almost impossible to cut through the amount of covers for smartphones. Often in the case of products at a very low price, but also in a very poor quality.

At Mobile World Congress exhibited who’s On Your Case ApS, which makes it possible for customers to design a cover, with your own photos and captions. A few days later located it in the mailbox.

It is also foreseen that the cover-design machine reminder out in stores, so covers can be made while you wait.

According to Claus Strawbridge, who is the Director of the company, are his covers both durable and more flexible, than it’s competitors are selling.

In addition to regular covers gets also a version with built-in feet, so the phone can stand even while our site. Watch video or TV content on it.

In the above feature, you can see the product, and any other product that has a surprising feature.

Who’s On Your Case have not yet opened for service in Denmark, but it is expected to take place in June 2013.