What Is The Best Game for Android? Engadget Android Questions

Many times those who have Android we are asked what is the best game that exists for the platform. Although many opinions and above all can have many styles, we want to know your favorite game. What is the best game for Android?

We remind you that to answer such a question should be done in Engadget Android answers and do not here, via comments. The coming week we will publish the most voted answer, as we do now with the question asked last week.

Last week we asked how long do you think to that they should manufacturers supply updates? and the most voted answer has been that of PiPo:

Give an equivalent to the period of commitment to stay updates, is not feasible. Any user can acquire a terminal practically discontinued, sign a commitment and, at 6 months the terminal may not be capable of supporting a new update (by hardware issues).
I agree much more with a commitment that the updates should be enforceable while the terminal allows it. For that, Google should work as a team with the manufacturers who supplied the OS so that, within a period not exceeding 1 month from the official launch, each operator would list the new version.
However, here forgets to mention to the operators.
We cannot be at the expense that the operator to which we pay for the use of the telephone service, impose us the pace of updates.
That criterion should be deleted ipso-facto and the fabricandes should tell the operator that “you are not going to sell my phone if you do not keep the level of the terminal commensurate with the services of the mark”.
The Galaxy S for Movistar, for example, still going with the 2.2 the S8500 Wave of Movistar, for another example, has never been updated since the initial release (Samsung if you haven’t already) and Movistar has already reported it will not update never more because it’s an obsolete OS. However, it has little more than one year and Samsung is preparing Bada 2.0.

We hope your answers!