What is a USB Hub?

Sometimes we find some multiport hubs or hub, not a network activity, but in small local networks.


Ancestor switch, hub or concentrator is a network computer that works on Layer 1 of the OSI model. It is a multiport hub that brings together the whole network flows at its ports and without worrying emitters and receivers hosters forwards all flow into the network.

Operating principle

A HUB only forwards the received information packet to all connected peripherals. To learn more, you can click here for more. Thus, contrary to the switch, not stored in memory addresses of the recipients. It is not designed to decode the packet input information to find the MAC address of the recipient. The hub overload the network forwarding all information packets to all connected machines. This is why we can find a hub in a network but only for lack of a switch at that time.

The current use of the hub

Currently, the principle of the hub is used in USB hub devices that offer multiple ports for connecting different devices. However, the data packets are in transit through the USB hub only are transmitted to the peripheral chosen. For its operation, it is more like a switch to a network hub.