We Update Xatakamovil Tabbed and Improvements to The System of Voting

I guess that those who have visited during the morning Xatakamovil You may have found a new element in the design of the same, you just have to take a look at the header, just above them We have included three tabs It will enable us to improve the Organization of content.

Accompanying this redesign and functionality, we find improvements in the voting system using Facebook, and we provide it also does not have to account on the social network.

Three tabs: home, products and community

Cover is nothing more than the usual content presented in Xatakamovil, while if we access to products we find the same guide, which we’ve included two sub-tabs that allow us to separate the ranking of most popular products and a list of products at the same time by activity.

In the last tab, community, have access a ranking of users that we sort by karma of greater to lesser, According to your activity and participation on the blog.

I like Facebook

Another novelty that we present with the new update of our platform is the adoption of the I like Facebook you will see those who are identified with their account of this social network, better integrating the Open Graph of the same.

Ultimately replace our button “Vote” for the “I like” Facebook, which will be also changed for the other users of the blog.