Vodafone Cut Its Rate of Data Roaming in Europe

The exorbitant data rates when we sailed in roaming they remain one of the unfinished business of the operators but gradually prices are adjusting to growing demand for smartphones.

Vodafone It is one of the operators that is more committed to blur borders in the EU to continue sailing in mobility for our smartphone when we travel out of the country, and in June he presented the first data rates involving traffic in roaming, now launches the rate daily Internet Europe for those who are connected sporadically.

With the same principle as with the passport service, now the new daily fee apply navigation price roaming for zone 1 (EU, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) of 1.69 euros per day of use + rate default in Spain is now 1.99 Euro / 19MB in contract and 2.99 euros / 9MB in prepaid.

In this way, data roaming Vodafone users can choose from 1 euro/MB default rate or the new daily rate of 3.68 euros a day the first 19MB and 1.99 the rest 19MB block that day. Other operators have rates default of 10 euros / 10MB MoviStar, 2 euros / 2MB in Orange and 3 euros/MB in Yoigo.

Prices without taxes included in any case.