USB 3.1 vs USB 3.0

If the CES 2015 is probably not the richest in new flagship products event, in any case, it is rich in innovations and technologies, including the USB Type-C which is important here since MSI has unveiled its first computer dedicated to games and its first card mother, both compatible with this new connection standard.

It is these days in Las Vegas that the team of the USB Implementers Forum and Intel presented a quick but impressive USB hubs demonstration of this new standard. Outside of his reversible aspect that allows it to be plugged in either sense, it team also the standard USB 3.1 that allows it to reach speeds of the order of 10 Gbps data transfers, it is therefore twice as fast as USB 3.0 proposed on some PC and mobile devices.

Conclusive enough since testing this new standard to reach a speed of 800 Mbps read and write. Speed never before achieved apart with a Thunderbolt connection.

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In addition to providing ultra fast data transfer, USB Type C 3.1 will allow of greatly speed up the charging time of our smartphones and our tablets. Eventually, we should even find laptop powered directly via this new connection standard.

For now, the Tablet Nokia N1, formalized end of 2014 is the only mobile to offer USB device Type C but under the USB 2.0 standard, however, MSI took advantage of the CES 2015 to announce his first notebook PC oriented games, the GT72, as well as its first motherboard, the X99A Gaming 9 ACK, integrating both USB 3.1.