Toshiba Laptops Receive Windows 10 Upgrade

Toshiba has announced that all Toshiba notebooks, placed on the market by 2015, 29 July 2015 on the new operating system Windows 10 let update. The most devices in 2014 will receive the upgrade. This can be made up to 12 months after the launch of Windows 10 free of charge.

All Toshiba notebooks that are placed on the market by 2015 will receive the upgrade to Windows 10 July 29, 2015. For the bulk of the Toshiba models from the year 2014 is coming Wednesday available to Microsoft’s operating system. For devices from the year 2013, Toshiba will provide updated drivers and additional software within six months after the launch of Windows 10.

Toshiba Laptops Receive Windows 10 Upgrade

According to the manufacturer, hard – and software of Toshiba notebooks are geared to the features of Microsoft’s operating system. Two microphones and a dedicated button help, for example, to enable the digital assistant Cortana. Cortana gets to know the habits and needs of the user over time and helps to organize everyday life by for example tips for the best route to the Office, predicts the weather and reminded of important dates.

The current Toshiba Notebook Line-Up includes the satellite RADIUS 15 as well as the satellite p, V, and L series. The convertible satellite RADIUS 15 has 15.6 inches (39.6 cm)-display, weighs only 2.2 kg and can be used thanks to a 360 degree display hinge flexibly. The satellite P series consists of the P50-C, P50t-C and P50D C models with screen of 39.6 cm (15.6 inch) and is optimized for audio, video and gaming. Toshiba Satellite L series focuses on leisure – and Home-Office use, with the models of satellite L50(D)-C-and satellite L70-C with 39.6 cm (15.6 inch) and 43.9 cm (17.3 inch) display. And finally the models of the C-series C70-C/C70D-C satellite and the C55-C/C55D-C devices are equipped with 17.3 or 15.6 inch display, as well as high-performance Intel and AMD processors.

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