Tim Cook Said That Apple Has No Problem in Porting Their Applications to Android

It is by all known strong competition between iOS and Android. Apple in its thermonuclear war initiated by Steve Jobs to put demands to try to curb competition and destroy Android, but it seems that the Apple company’s policy is not so aggressive.

Tim Cook, the current CEO of Apple, has surprised in a statement made in an interview for the D11 of All Things D. Asked if your iCloud platform should extend to other platforms, and Tim Cook said: “we have no religious problem with porting an application from Apple for Android. If it makes sense to do that, we would do it. You could apply that to all areas of Apple.”

As we can see, Apple does not rule out launching their applications for Android as currently done Google and Microsoft or as it will do this summer released BBM BlackBerry to Android and iOS. Sure that many users would appreciate having iMessage, iCloud or up to Game Center on their Android devices. Now to wait and see if Apple finally begins to launch applications for Android, it’s also a good way to attract customers.