Thus Are The Latest Changes of Google Play: Interface Redesigned and New Section ‘Trending’

The Google app store surpassed the barrier of 11,000 million of downloads only in 2016 and is a virtually inexhaustible source of all types of content. In addition to apps, there is also space for music, movies and even books. Google wants to give more importance to your multimedia section and in the latest update added a section on trends (Trending) in which they can find some hot topics.

At the same time, Google is working on a facelift to its store of apps that bet by one design cleaner interface that dispenses with some elements and highlights others. They are changes that await Google Play tent.

Google launches ‘Trending’ section

When you open Google Play we find two sections well differentiated, to the left have apps and games and on the right the Movies, music and books section, formerly known as entertainment, which is that Google stands out with this latest update.

Mountain View want to make your shop more than a simple collection of downloadable content and with Trending want to highlight topics that can range from movies, popular records or even musicians.

Trending is just under the header of the store and shows several pages with current issues, as in this case, Bruno Mars. When you click on your page can access a series of related content as the biography of the artist, his last records and other news that linking to external content.

The magazine-style design enough contrast with the usual structure of Google Play and is much more visual and dynamic. At the moment the update has not reached everyone, but should soon be available.

More interface changes

In addition to the section Trending, as Google also is preparing a redesign of the interface of its app store, as you can see in the screenshots above.

The image on the left shows the new design in which there are enough obvious changes as of the button install, which will now occupy the entire width of the screen or the Elimination of the icons below. Google has reduced the information to the number of downloads and the score, leaving out the icons relating to the category of the app in question and similar apps.

Another element that gains prominence are screenshots of apps, which are now larger, while that description it remains the same, with the exception that the ‘Read more’ link changes its position to occupy less space.

The changes also extend to the details section of each application, where the different characteristics of the app icons gain more importance, and also the comments section.

News belong to 7.1.16 Google Play version and have been seen in the 6 p upgraded to Android Nexus 7.1.1 Nougat, so it still may take a while to get to other users.