Threema for Windows Phone Released

With the NSA scandal, but at the latest after the 16 billion dollar whatsapp sale on Facebook in February struck the hour of relatively up to date unknown Messenger apps like line, Viber, telegram and Threema. While the three first-mentioned in addition to the square Hirschen Android and ios by now also for Windows phone are available, Threema celebrates its premiere on Windows Mobile phones. Who is fast, get the 1.99 Euro expensive app even for the half.

Download: download Threema for Windows Phone

Promise: more security

Its safety features are a key success factor of Threema: the Messenger that uses an end-to-end encryption. He already encrypted text messages, as well as images, videos, sound recordings or site messages on your Smartphone of the sender with 256 bit. First, the decryption is performed on the receiver. Passing runs Kasper systems, which promise Swiss but, even through the server of manufacturer’s to have no access to the data and to delete them immediately after the shipment. Because Kasper operates its servers in Switzerland, also apply strict European privacy law. Basically, Threema works completely anonymously with a fantasy name. The optional E-Mail address or mobile phone number is used only the easier finding of friends.

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Unique traffic light system

After installing the Messenger automatically leads the user through the establishment. He receives an individual Threema identifier in addition to a key pair. Whether there is a such ID actually a certain person behind, shows the app using a traffic light system. A contact with a red dot will appear its identity is uncertain, since only the public key has been replaced. Two points in Orange is most likely the person in question, since the user via his email address or phone number in your personal address book could be matched. Two Threema users confirm your identity by mutual scanning of a QR code within the app, you get three green dots. In this case, the identity can be abused by theft of mobile phones.

Cheaper for the first buyer

Threema is now available in the Windows phone store. The app regularly costs 1.99 Euro to the first 10,000 buyers but at half the price (99 cents) emitted.