The Windows Phone Operating System is Catching Up in Europe

The Windows phone operating system has the distance compared to the competing operating systems Android by Google in the race of Smartphone operating systems market share in Europe and reduced Apple’s iOS. Almost every tenth German Smartphone owners now uses a smart phone with the operating system Windows phone from Microsoft. But also in other European countries the Smartphone operating system is gaining in popularity and becoming more and more customers.

The Smartphones are equipped with the operating system Windows phone from Bill Gates from Microsoft have enjoyed increasing success in Europe. One reason is seen more and more Smartphone buyers, who buy a new phone, opt for a Nokia model – the phones from Nokia are equipped all with the Windows phone operating system. In September, Microsoft had communicated, wanting to take over the mobile phone division of the Finnish mobile radio manufacturer.

From June to August, smartphones reached a market share of 9.2 percent with the operating system Windows phone in the main European markets. This emerges Kantar Worldpanel ComTech from data of the market research company, released them. It is the highest market share in Europe for the Windows operating system, Windows phone. According to the operating system Windows phone in Germany had a market share of 8.8 percent, 12 percent were in the UK, in Italy there were 10.8 percent 9.5 percent, in France and in Spain 2.2 percent.

In Europe, Google Android is still the most popular smartphone operating system. It has a market share of 70 percent – which runs Android operating system, inter alia in the Smartphones from Samsung, which are the world market leader in the mobile market with their devices. The market share of Apple’s iOS operating system was in June in Germany 19.5 percent.

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