The Tasks Household Robots Perform

In more affluent Japanese households, talking toilets are a matter of course, there are in the toilet bowl hair dryer, bidet nozzles and an entire sound system, also enjoys  over a sound system, lighting systems, as well as a voice that informs about the work carried out. Sometimes, even the toilet seat is heated, but the measurement of urine as regards the content of harmful substances is still no default member in the facilities of such robot. Less luxurious looks a smart bedside, rather appropriate. Such beds tend to adjust the backrest automatically and avoid regular movements that possibly paralyzed patient is too long in a position. When long stillness, the bed Gets a carer. According to a study commissioned by the industry association BITKOM, every seventh citizen wants an intelligent mattress, “which automatically raises the alarm if there are abnormalities in the sleep”.

However, even the healthy like beef of robots. Owners of the game console Xbox one can identify from the camera and the microphone of the Kinect add-on device, via voice command, you can enable the console in sleep mode  or wake up. Amazon sells echo, a cylinder-shaped speakers with integrated microphones the Amazon in the United States. The train call “Alexa!”, the device receives commands and listens even casually spoken dialogue. The analysis of language snippets takes place in Amazon’s data centers and will ideally cause Alexa to read personal messages, delivered the weather forecast, and carries out purchases at Amazon-shop. In addition, she play music and looks up words in Wikipedia.

That most users perceive such smart beds, toilets and speaker roles not as robots, lies in its non-human form. But there are some manufacturers, their computer-based helper on similar fashion figures, as the 1950s people expected it. WowWee sells the mini robot MiP, which dances, sulking and jokes. The essence of around 20 centimeters high runs on wheels through the apartment, where the user controls him via Smartphone app. The pure entertainment value of the device reduces not its charm, nor with the SPHERO-ball of the U.S. company. The ball called SPHERO is controlled by using the iPhone through the apartment, the field of application of the billiard ball small appliance extended dozens of games and learning apps. It changes color, can fly and rotate around its own axis. In particular SPHERO-specific memory and reaction games fun, alternatively it just annoys the cat so. Sony’s AIBO robot who enjoy in Japan of popular are a food playful pet. The dog-shaped beings are eager to learn and can complete relatively complex tasks, take part about AIBO exclusive soccer matches.

The maybe most remarkable robot than toothbrushes. The Braun company sold their Black Pro 7000 as intelligent E – toothbrush, which is connected via Bluetooth with your phone and informed about the ideal tooth brushing technique. To fans of classic Tin men, such Mono-functional robot seem à la Bender from the animated series “Futurama” disappointing, but they demonstrate vividly the robots in the near future without a fuss to take over the electric everyday objects, and themselves, as in the case of the Black Pro 7000, only a few centimeters away from the brain of man: a place search.