The Story Behind The Recent Google I/O, What We Usually See in The Fairs Annual of Google?

It is already here, the most important fair of the Google picture for the 2013 has come at last, and this year comes more news-laden than ever, or at least that is expected.

Engadget already has to its Special Envoy, Mr Txema Rodríguez, queuing at the gates of the Moscone Center in the Californian City of San Francisco; and we are going to review, open mouth, how to live the last I/O from Xataka Android and what Google taught us in its previous annual fairs.

The center of the hurricane Google Android

Android is the biggest workhorse from long ago, and is that the smart phone market has continued to grow in recent years despite the turbulent times we are living around the world economic situation.

The European market is dominated by the Android platform, and the Mobile World Congress seem to Android World Congress for some time, so it doesn’t surprise us that Android is also the center of the Google I/o from his birth.

However, and although the Google I/o always go get a new Android update in recent years, has not always reserved Google new versions of the operating system for its annual fair, as 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich came with the presentation of the Galaxy Nexus, and 4.2 Jelly Bean in the Nexus 4.

At the Google I/O last saw get Android 3.1 Honeycomb, the specific version for tablets that experienced a short period of time to integrate with the version for smartphones, Android 4.1 and also Jelly Bean, the update of the most ambitious to date with many functionalities, fluency with Project Butter and Google Now Android.

With these new versions of Android always arrive a good number of novelties, some more visible than others, and although the update that is expected for this year will be less in terms of operating system, surely associated services have a special attraction with the Sync Center or the arrival of Google Babel for instant messaging.

Services everywhere and care to Android developers

The future of the sector is in services, and obviously services is the main business of Google, which has even funded their latest Nexus devices to attract users to the ecosystem with very attractive prices on devices.

This which is why the other important leg of Google I/O have always been services, so Google fairs we have experienced the birth of Google Music or the crecimiendo of Google Play with the arrival of, for example, journals and series of television or Play Books and Play Movies update.

Every year in the I/o are often update some important Google services, how in the past have been Google +, Google Maps and Earth, or the own Android Market before becoming Play Store.

In addition, in all the Google I/o There are sessions for developers, don’t forget that Android and Google services need these to grow the ecosystem. Mismamente last year we saw how Google allowed Steve Kondik present Cyanogenmod officially during I/o 2012.

Thus, we have always seen updates to the SDK for Android and new APIs for use in applications, such as libraries that facilitate the work of integration of certain functions in applications.

Also used Google to launch an Android Open Accessory Development Kit each I/O, as the advanced alarm clock from last year, a ultraconfigurable and programmable gadget that is intended to help the development of devices and accessories based on Android, and which unfortunately does not usually be able to get out of Google I/O.

As if this wasn’t enough, knowing that entries for the Google I/o cost a lot and are exhausted within hours, Google always makes a nod to the developer community and enthusiastic returning money from entry into gifts, devices that will serve development platforms so attendees can grow in them their applications.

The hardware and the project developing Google X Department

Is also often take advantage of the Google I/o to introduce new devices, normally Nexus and coming to brand new ranges or new versions of Android, as last year saw the first Media Center from Google, Nexus Q and the first tablet from Google, the Nexus 7.

However, the most interesting thing becomes Google X Department, the of projects in development of Google, that that Sergey Brin is so proud and that is the father, among others, of the Google Glass.

Last year made us a very “Hollywood” presentation of what might be done with augmented reality goggles, and rumored now smart sport sneakers would not surprise us that the “I quantified” receive as ambitious as that development in the future.

The Google I/o, those events as Google

Upon arriving here, we have already seen that the fairs in Google are different, very with the philosophy of the company, with that aura of freedom for experimentation and that ability to let grow the ideas of which Google boasts in its offices.

Now this year the Google I/o 2013 is restructured, and is that in previous years submissions were in days lasting event, with confusion for everyone. So, this year it has been decided that There is only a main presentation, to take this place Wednesday at 06:00 PM Spanish time.

From Xataka Android, of course, will make a Live tracking to this presentation to bring you all the news at the same time that occur, and our colleague Txema will be there to give us “in situ” all outlets of contact and details of Google I/O which arises from the more interesting.