The Presentation of The Nokia N8 and The Purchase of Palm by HP Highlights of The Week

Important week for Nokia, your first phone Symbian ^ 3 appears on the scene: the Nokia N8. In a previous presentation analysis the guys from Mobile-review were quite hard, so that the finlandenses did not finish very happy with the situation. Fortunately the reception has been quite positive thanks to a good price, and a sensational camera.

In the background but not less interesting we find to the Nokia X 2, an affordable but very complete phone that happens to join the lists of the young series X.

Palm leaves to buy HP

Maybe it is not the news that more has drawn attention in the week, at least statistically on our blog, but I consider that the purchase of Palm by HP computer giant is a breath of fresh air for webOS and a future full of terminals (and other devices) interesting.

I am sure that there will be laid to the followers of the brand well the news, after the bad moments that was going on the platform. Seen from the point of view of HP, We will say that it gets full in the mobile business, following in the footsteps of Dell or Lenovo.

Android, the way of escape from Adobe

This week knew that Adobe Flash would appear next to the next version of Android, 2.2 also known as Froyo. But we also collected and analyzed the statements cross between Steve Jobs and the CEO of the company from Adobe on Flash technology.

Two important news in the week has been the presentation of customer official Twitter for Android, with good appearance but also full of bugs, and protests by the community of users to HTC by continuous delays in updating the operating system of HTC Hero.

Antonio Raya had a first meeting with Fennec, the Firefox version for mobile devices, this time for Android.

Finally we had, we had the chance to be at the presentation in Spain of HTC Desire, HD Mini and Smart. As usual, we did a follow-up on twitter.

Important phone numbers for operators

Enough interest generated the news concerning the departure of the HTC Desire with Orange, nor it has fallen behind the exit of the Nexus One with Vodafone this month of may that we released. I recommend the article on advantages and disadvantages of Telstra by Plokiko.

A couple of analysis

  • Sony Ericsson Vivaz. Camera, video and phone in one, a pity that Symbian S60 is a better operating system.
  • Using 3M MPro150.

Other news

  • Announced June 7 WWDC 10. With many possibilities for the new iPhone to present.
  • The application of Tuenti reaches 100,000 downloads in the J2ME version and announces an alliance with Vodafone.

News more valued by readers

  • Nokia N8, Symbian ^ 3 premieres at an adjusted price
  • Vodafone Launches the Nexus One in May with Google Maps Navigation
  • “ HTC, stop deceiving us! ”, singular protest by HTC updates policy
  • HP Buys Palm and gets fully into the business of mobile telephony
  • Nokia is not happy with the analysis prior to the presentation of the Nokia N8 and Symbian ^ 3