The Podcast Could Become a Google Play to End of The Month

In October of last year already, we learned that Google Play was going to offer a content type more to its supply of music, films, magazines and applications: the podcasts. Better late (very, very late) that never, since both iTunes and Spotify already include them in its libraries.

Since the official announcement we have not been able much more on the subject, although unreliable we posted information we would know When they are finally available. And is too much, would be to end of February.

Where does this information come from? In a Tweet posted by Bill Simons, speaker of a podcast of the same name which has millions of followers. That Tweet has already been deleted, but it said “[…] Bill Simons podcast will be available on Google Play when it launches its platform of podcasts more later this month”.

Probably only in United States

The fact that Bill Simons has erased your tweet may be an indication that someone has given you a “Campion” by disclosing more information than it should but, although he created us to strictly the date, that does not mean that podcasts will be available worldwide on that date.

For now, Google seems to be focusing on the U.S. market, by what we are left to speculate about when will the podcasts in Spanish. At the moment already you can visit information – fairly simple page, indeed – podcast, which already service alerts you if they are or not available in your country.