The Nexus One Has Taken Pictures of Earth from Space

Three small satellites with the Nexus One as the heart and brain have taken pictures of the Earth during NASA’s PhoneSat mission.

A few months ago, some Nexus One phones NASA sent into space. The goal was to demonstrate the use of general consumer-technology as extremely cheap satellites. Smartphone satellites were set to take hundreds of pictures of the Earth as was sent back via radio waves. The images were received and restored by radio amateurs and delivered back to NASA.

The pictures are not worth much, but not all the blame lies with the hardware, the transmission of images and restoring them, has probably also cost on quality.

PhoneSat v.2

NASA has already planned a new mission with new phones, this time Nexus S model.
Here is the goal, among other things, to add the possibility of engineers can provide phone commands from Earth and supply power via solar panels which will extend the time horizon.