The New Tab My Apps of Google Play Tea Leaves by Hand, Check for Updates and More Changes

A few weeks ago I have been progressing that further ahead changes to the interface of Google Play, specifically to the section my applications, where those applications that you have installed, are listed which have updates and which have installed sometime with your account.

As it is usual, change from the server-side extends cautiously among the users to try before you extend it to everyone, and this is how we have finally been able to try it in depth. The changes include a new tab only for updates, a button for check for updates, a new look to the applications tab and change “All” for “Library”.

Updates and manual search tab

Until now Google Play applications updates shared role with those that were already installed, appearing at the top of the list. Now the updates have its own tab.

Tab updates are obviously those applications with updates pending download, although they also show the recent updates and it makes how much were updated. From the list it is possible to directly open the application, without entering your tab.

Perhaps the most curious point is that you can press the Refresh on the top button to check for updates manually When you want to, a process involving up to now enter and exit the my apps tab.

Ways to order applications

Another change is interesting in the following tab: installed. Here also the aspect of the list has been changed to be more compact and have a button Open to launch an application without entering your information. In this case demonstrates how occupies additional information and when you used it for the last time.

At the top of the window, it is possible change the sorting of the list, to choose between order alphabetical, by date of Update, date of last use y size. Although it is a task that we usually left to settings – applications Manager, now Google Play also helps us to detect applications that occupy too much and might want to uninstall it to free up space.

All is now library

Finally, All applications is now called library, and it is including all the applications that you have installed on any time of your Android life on any of the devices with which you started with your Google account login.

Moreover, it shares the same compact aspect of the previous tabs, including in this case the button for Install directly, another to remove the application from your library.