The Improvements of The Karma System in Xatakamovil

Xatakamovil we work on improving the user experience, after the premiere of the new system of comments and the possibility of participating in the blog using your Facebook account, we had not stopped to introduce improved users karma system version.

This improved version of karma in Xatakamovil system seeks to enhance and assess positively the contributions of the users on the blog, the quality of these contributions, both on the level of activity and commitment of users with the publication.

Up to 11 different factors, divided into three categories which, each with a relative weight, will be transformed into the karma of user be taken into account to calculate the new karma:

The key factors when calculating the karma of a user are votes to comments made by the user, the number of users that have been added as expert or participation in the comment of the blog, and then other factors alike.

Ways to see what karma have

If you want to know any user of Xatakamovil karma, are going to be able to check in two ways: through the stars, and a numeric value between 1 and 100 corresponding, shown in user page.

The equivalence between stars and karma points is as follows:

  • 1 star-> 0-20 points
  • 2 star-> 21-40 points
  • 3-star-> 41 to 60 points
  • 4 star-> 61-80 points
  • 5 star-> 81 to 100 points

I hope that the new system of Karma has been you clear, and that ultimately help us all to improve the community. We will continue to work on important developments.