The Great Mobile-Atlas: How Good Is Your Provider Network Coverage?

Mobile service provider like to apply their tariffs with maximum speeds. But, more importantly, the question is: which network technology offers the mobile network on the ground at all? For Super fast LTE (4 G) is outside of major cities long ago not everywhere present or not in all networks. For a reasonably tolerable data speed, there should be at least UMTS (3 G). As with the ancient GSM technology (2 G) mobile surfing is hardly possible.

Coverage of Telecom, Vodafone, E-Plus and O2: how the great mobile map

The Our site-mobile Atlas shows using the simple traffic light each the fastest available mobile technology: LTE, UMTS in yellow and GSM in red and green areas without measurements appear in white. By double clicking or mouse wheel can be changed the zoom level as you go almost up to your front door! Exciting: Select all providers individual providers instead of the pre-selection so can be compared with just a few clicks of the LTE network coverage and availability.


How to find the best cell phone network for your place of residence

The network coverage map will help in choosing the right provider and tariff for your place of residence or for the weekend House: because what good fares if LTE nor UMTS are available on-site? Vice versa regional also smaller E-network provider with cheaper tariffs have the nose sometimes. And LTE is not available, you should select the provider with the most powerful UMTS network.

Per calculator at the right rate

You have found your dream network, Our site calculator helps you choose of the best tariff per network. Tip: the mobile radio card shows LTE reception, before the search, click only rates with LTE. LTE is not available, fast and slow UMTS tariffs can be with the help of the calculator differ: many discounters offer UMTS only with up to 7.2 megabits per second (Mbit / s or Mbps). Finding fares at least 14.4 Mbit / s is useful for faster discount fares without LTE. Premium UMTS tariffs offer even pace of up to 21.6 or 42 Mbit / s. Given the high data rates may question you is: do not use LTE for smartphones but as a DSL replacement for home or apartment? Then DSL replacement calculator helps.


Mobile-Atlas will be more accurate with each network test

The map shown here is based on thousands of anonymous real measurements of users of Our site-network test app. The more users join in and run the test more frequently, the card provides more details and information. The network test app there is free for Android, ios and Windows phone.

Download: our site Network Test as the iphone Version (free)
Download: our site Network Test as the Android Version (free)
Download: our site Network Test as Windows Phone Version (free)

So take advantage of the network test app

14 images so you can find the best mobile network