The Best of The Week in Xatakamovil, Windows Phone 7 Series

Today in mobile this week is clearly marked by the presentation at the MIX10 Conference of the main features of the Windows Phone 7 Series platform, we’ve covered the event with the following news:

  • After many talking about different chassis, in the end we know the minimum hardware requirements, you have to have a Windows Phone 7 Series device.
  • A detail that does not like to many is that we have opted for a multi-tasking controlled by Microsoft, so we can not have multiple applications running at the same time without their consent.

  • Over time, it will be a possibility, but it is curious to prompt appear on the market without the ability to cut and paste, incidentally also reviewed the developers that are interested in working for the platform.
  • Talking a little about the tools of development platform, and thanks to the emulator, we have seen the Internet Explorer running on Windows Phone 7 Series.
  • The app stores are becoming the most important element in this generation of mobile operating systems, a good phone if it is not accompanied by the proper ecosystem has no chance of surviving, Microsoft knows this and has presented Windows Phone Marketplace.
  • Finally, unfortunately for many interested users, Microsoft has confirmed that Windows Phone 7 Series will not reach the HTC HD2, We explain the details at this link.

Without out of the Redmond company, also I’d like to recommend you the reading of the original Wall Street Journal article, in which you will learn how Microsoft does not want to see iPhones for its facilities.


Already seems usual to speak of poor sales Nexus One has had Since its inception, this article attempt to explain why the same, establishing a comparison with its two top rivals, iPhone and Motorola Droid.

For who is looking forward to the output of the HTC Desire, ask a little quiet on the matter, for now you can see that it looks in silver.

It is curious the way that Google mitigates the fragmentation, but is another way of doing this is not him. We speak also of two updates, first from Google Maps, and second the confirmed upgrade to 2.1 of the Samsung Galaxy Spica.


Week quiet in regards to operators, but with a leak which became very important news, the output of the Sony Ericcson Xperia X 10 and HTC Legend is closer than we think. If you add to this the fact that the Motorola Droid It is also falling, arises a very busy in important news month.

I recommend that you take a look to the article of Plokiko in which invites us to ask ourselves if it is ethical to Vodafone activated data rates automatically. Also interesting is the review of the rates of Internet mobile Orange, with new options for businesses.

I end with a story that is creating interest in the world, and I sincerely thought that it wasn’t going to be a reality, but it seems that there is a shipment of infected in Spain Vodafone cards.

Other interesting news

We continue with patents in the limelight, this time HTC has answered emphatically Apple: We arrived first and we are ready to fight.

Interesting also the news of Matias in which us explains how Nokia proposes its users help you to design the perfect Smartphone. Without leaving us Nokia, good news for the users of N86 8MP, you will have access to Ovi Maps free navigation. I also recommend you take a look at the mechanical phone Celsius Papillon Tourbillon.

News more valued by readers

  • In defense of the rights of citizens on the Internet
  • Sony Ericsson Xperia X 10 and HTC Legend coming soon to Vodafone
  • The HTC Desire you very well feel the silver
  • HTC: we first arrived and we are ready to fight with Apple
  • Nokia asks its users to help design the perfect smartphone