The Best of The Week in Xatakamovil, on The Day That Apple Sued HTC

Xatakamovil week has been fairly quiet, is what tends to happen days after the Mobile World Congress, but we should exempt a rather important fact in it: the demand for Apple to HTC for infringing 20 patents.

I think that the level of detail that have patents in the United States, or at least Apple which has presented in this regard will not help anything to the development of the technology, the fact of patenting every element and functionality of an operating system, or elements hardware which is needed from an existing base to make them, I think that he is abusing the concept of patent.

I am favoring investment in research and development of enterprises is valued, and therefore seek ways to safeguard them, but all within a limit, because ending the competition in this way only has negative results for the end user. As a joke and to finish the week we present the favorite application of Steve Jobs.

He planned to submit a survey in this regard, but taking into account the comments that I have read, I think that it was not necessary, the majority of readers who have spoken, they are not very happy with the demand to HTC. If you have anything to add about this controversial topic, I invite you to do so in the comments.

New operators and review of BlackBerry tariffs

We highlight this week the new rate flat family Vodafone plus, and the Plokiko article on the advantages and disadvantages of the operator Orange in Spain.

You also talked about the new service available TuentiSMS card and contract, that be informed free of charge from their Tuenti profile updates through SMS. Then continue with the review of the BlackBerry World with a comparison of rates, by Martin more.

Android never sleeps, but it is broken

Whatever it is week, operating system Android always have things to tell us, in particular the phone star of Google, the Nexus One, He highlights three news:

  • As I saw coming, Google will not be responsible of the Nexus One sold in countries where officially not available.
  • Google is giving Nexus One, in this case to the developers with good numbers in the Market.
  • We learned that fix the display of the device can go 200 euros, in a somewhat curious: get used to not carry the phone in the pocket of the pants.

Following Android today, we highlight the possibility that the HTC Desire have officially DivX support, and we could also see the HTC Incredible in new images, and it is that HTC phones are multiplying in the United States.

iPhone, waiting for the new model

While the new iPhone, and information are filtered, some has been dedicated to making concepts quite colorful and skilled workers, we recommend you check them out.

We also have at your disposal the second part of mission-critical applications in productivity for the terminal of Apple, by Christian Pérez.

Skype for 200 million users

As it sounds, so official Skype has put on the market its application for users of Symbian S60, sure that the operators are not happy with this.

We also inform you about the interest from Nokia to get phones with touch screen and dual sim in its simpler operating system, S40.

Half half phone console

Years have been listening to the rumor about a phone Sony PSP entertainment capabilities, This time the rumor comes from the Wall Street Journal, which charge more interest.

It is a shame that always to give news to Palm they are negative, and that their results do not meet the expectations of the company, I hope that they can overcome the situation with the renovation of terminals, and any new which is already sounding out there.

Nor forget tell you of the new application from Google that allows searches from handwriting recognition: Google Gesture Search.

News more valued by readers

  • HTC Desire may support Divx officially
  • Google Gesture Search, searches based on character recognition
  • Nexus One, analysis
  • HTC sued by Apple for infringing 20 patents
  • Skype for Symbian available in the Ovi Store, 200 million potential users