The Best of The Week in Xatakamovil, Nexus One or HTC Desire?

Difficult to summarize a week so laden as that has given us the Mobile World Congress, If you are looking for, I have prepared on Engadget a summary with the most interesting in the four days that the event has lasted.

In a brief summary, I would say that nothing has surprised me as seen at the fair, which takes away that I have not liked many things. If we could divide the event between winners and losers, find major benefit to HTC, Google and Microsoft, bets have been at the height of what we expected.

In a second step, I find that Sony Ericsson It has made things better than I expected. On the other side of the balance place to Nokia, LG and even Motorola, the lack of news in such an important event is unforgivable.

If you are interested in following all the news relating to the Mobile World Congress, You can do this in the following links: Engadget and Xatakamovil.

Taking advantage of that coverage has been made between both blogs, I will propose you to help me with a survey that I started Engadget and which tried to interpret the reception of the HTC Desire compared to the Nexus One:

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I wouldn’t finish the weekly review without new developments of HTC, we prepared a comparison of the HTC Legend with his predecessor HTC Hero, and it seems clear that they got the prices it will be a worthy successor.

Out of the MWC

Leaving a little of the topic Mobile World Congress find related news with operators, We emphasize the presentation of the 3GBox modem of Movistar, with 1 TB of storage, or the expansion of mobile broadband from Vodafone.

Yoigo He has also been in the news, has launched a bond to navigate from the mobile, and informs us that it will launch a netbook with integrated SIM. You also have the express portability are getting closer.

Other interesting news of the week with Android the presentation of a conceptual 3D interface by TAT, and the knowledge that Google offered first to Sony Ericsson the realization of the Nexus One.

BlackBerry, first steps

In addition to the usual review of what happened in the week I wanted to present to you the special that our colleague Martin more about is putting together BlackBerry, and the first steps with her, ideal to learn a little more about this peculiar platform in full growth.

There is still some pending episode that will be appearing these days, have centralized on the banner that we have incorporated into the page. If you are interested in the subject, you can go unveiled improvements to web browsing is waiting for devices.

As I always leave with News top rated by you in the past week:

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