The Best of The Week in Xatakamovil, Games for All

Video games come to mobile to stay, we can not draw another conclusion after an intense week of Game Developer Conference. This iPhone market superiority is overwhelming, but the policy of Palm in this regard is promising.

Three news conference stand out above the rest, the first is the deployment that Microsoft is making to explain their new development tools, that Windows Phone 7 Series has a lot to say.

The second and no less important is the development by Epic Games of its graphics engine Unreal Engine for iPhone and webOS. Remember that with it have been some major PC games and next-generation consoles, and will level to raise enough in terms of graphical quality.

The third has to do with Android, Yes, that Google does not want to be outdone and has presented its development libraries Android NDK r3, which approaches the use of OpenGL ES 2.0 developers, and will boost the development of games on the platform.

Weird news on operators

As curious as the information that has been spread by the network on the suspected malware that have the HTC Magic of Vodafone, which infects PCs when making a connection between the two. Sincerely I this term does not see it.

On the other hand Plokiko informs us about the results of the CMT of January and the problems of Movistar to identify 250,000 prepaid. We ended up with unpleasant surprises which can have a user by poor attention to the client.

Android does not rest

A rumor rather than clear and waited, HTC Tattoo expects its update to Android 2.1 in less time than it appears, so the smaller terminals Android could move up to his older brothers, and would put in the place of importance that deserves to affordable Android terminals, for which few media have opted. I no I can do nothing more than recommend it.

He would not recommend under no circumstances is the Motoro Backflip as it appears next to the operator AT & T, which has done everything what they wanted with the terminal to let orphan of interest: you can not install applications if it is no Android Market, appears completely outdated, disappear from Google searches, and comes loaded with applications chosen by AT & T that cannot be erased.

We finished the review Android with new images and unexpected specifications on the HTC Incredible, and the always welcome departure of Opera Mini 5 Beta.

Symbian ^ 3

Nokia still showing details of Symbian ^ 3, This time with greater clarity but running on a laptop, which does not give an impression very positive State of development. Regardless of this, the operating system looks good despite arriving a little late.

A second interesting news is the filtration of a so-called Nokia C6, expected but with little doubt that it is real, for now we can see that it is a kind of mixture between Nokia N97 and Nokia N900, painted white.

Apple and its bad art

During the week was made public a controversial contract that all developers must sign to post on Apple’s App Store, according to a series of points worthy of a feudal society.

The fourth generation of the iPhone is warming, and this week we have had early indications that will be multi-tasking, I can think about it but I hope so. We ended up with the third part of productivity for the Apple phone applications.

Other interesting news

I wouldn’t finish the weekly review recommend that you take a look at a couple of videos, the first Samsung explains how are your SuperAMOLED displays, and in the second we see how one has managed to put Ubuntu on a HTC Touch PRO 2.

The most valued by readers

  • The secret agreement from the App Store and “slavery” of those who make it possible
  • Unpleasant surprise because of the bad customer service
  • Android NDK r3 appears to enhance graphics in games and applications
  • Unreal Engine 3 direct to your iPhone no matter what
  • HTC Incredible, new images and unexpected specifications