The Best of The Week in Engadget Mobile: Nexus and Froyo

A particularly green week in Engadget Mobile, and is that Android has been present almost every day during the week, with the introduction of version 2.2 – Froyo alias – during Google I/O as grand finale.

Besides Froyo, the news that most have liked to our readers this week have been the landing of the Nexus One in Spain from the hand of Vodafone and our analysis of the HTC Desire.

Android 2.2 is already reality

It was finally during the second keynote of Google I/O 2010; it caused less excitement than the Google TV or the still non-existent Android tablet, but expected more eager. We are talking about Android 2.2 Froyo, Google presented on Thursday passed with all the innovations that we speculated, including a javascript engine up to three times faster, the possibility of creating a WiFi access point on our phone, and the ability to install applications on memory stick.

Android 2.2 also includes new and exciting wireless features, such as application installation via OTA from the PC or the ability to listen to our iTunes streaming music. And we can not overlook the fact that Flash 10.1 finally comes to Android, but not all phones, only to those who have an ARM Cortex-A8 processor or higher.

With so many and so attractive novelties, only arises us a question, when will Froyo arrive to our phones? Our colleague Antonio Raya says the complexity of this question. For now, those who can not complain are Americans having a Nexus One, because the update should already have reached via OTA (fast!).

More news from the Android universe:

  • NVIDIA says that its Tegra 2 platform and Android 3.0 will be the winning combination of the future
  • Gameloft, the veteran creator of video games, bet on Android but runs into some problems.
  • We continue to suffer problems of fragmentation, but it seems that Android 2.1 is now the most widespread version on the market (for a short time).

Vodafone Launches the Nexus One in Spain

Many of our readers had waited weeks (or months?) for it, and finally Nexus One comes to Spain, at the hands of Vodafone. The phone went on sale Thursday for 200 euros maximum portability. Google phone landed in our country with Google Maps Navigation under the arm. The exclusivity with Vodafone will last until July.

Customers who already were Vodafone cast in missing information on the points program, but plokiko swift arrived the next day to expose us prices of the Nexus and the Desire by points (same for both).

HTC Desire analyzed extensively

This week also we have analyzed in detail the HTC Desire. In < a href = “the first part of the review discussed the thinness and gumminess of a very sober design, in contrast to a power and a screen that powerfully to the attention in the European market.

For the second part of the analysis we reserve all the other comments about the user experience, with special reference to the Chamber of the best terminal from HTC in Spain, which allows us to be very attractive catch but which anyway left midway in the replacement of the compact camera.

At beginning of week we also talk about the little brother of the Desire that comes from road, the HTC Wildfire.

Other news of interest

  • Orange confirms that it will have the iPhone in mid-July (we wonder if also new).
  • Twitter takes its official client for iPhone (a review of Tweetie 2).
  • Tuenti add geolocation to your Tuenti sites service (and comes to compete for the slice of pie with Foursquare).
  • More than a million and a half of prepaid cards were left without identifying.