The Best of The Week in Engadget Mobile: HTC Desire or Nexus One, Results of The Survey

We started last week with a survey on the preferences and interests of purchase of HTC Desire and Nexus One, taking into account the equality of both terminals and that will appear on the market in upcoming dates.

The result already have among us, and after more than 3300 votes, collected between Engadget and Xatakamovil, I believe that interesting conclusions can be drawn:

The winner, by preferences of the readers is clearly the HTC Desire, with almost twice the votes in favour of the new terminal. As purchase intent, the most interesting section of face to manufacturers and operators, we have virtually the same number of readers with intention to buy Nexus One than HTC Desire.

Once explained the results of the survey, we see what has happened the week just finished:

Microsoft is currently

The news related to Windows Phone 7 Series are plentiful, we would highlight in the first place the presentation of the first prototype by LG. It has also given us details about the different types of hardware that will use the system, and the creation of an affordable version of the same.


This week has been prolific in terms of analysis of terminals, Susana first offered us his opinion regarding the two main terminals Android that have passed through his hands, the Motorola Milestone and Nexus One. Matias has also proposed us the first part of its analysis of the Nokia X 6, the first Nokia phone with capacitive screen.


We started the week informing about the State and projection of the main app stores, iPhone is that dominates and Android is that grows faster. Speaking of iPhone, Christian prepared an article with productivity for the Apple terminal applications.

The week has been warm in what has to do with Adobe Flash, told us who would have the possibility of using the technology, and also the own Adobe explained as Flash does not so much waste battery.


In a mobile phone blog can not miss news of operators, sure I leave some in the pipeline, but we go with the most interesting. I recommend you take a look at the entrance about the risks of a poor care customer.

We inform you about the new rates Vodafone to navigate from computer with VoIP included, and Orange It presents to the Samsung Galaxy Spica in its line of terminals.

Finally Martin more tells us his experiences with their phones and the operator 3 in United Kingdom.


I would like you to echarais a look at the Samsung i8520 Beam, an Android device that we leave in the background during the MWC, but that is a compendium of technology, in this occasion had the opportunity to see it in video.

One aspect that many creates us some doubts is that it will run Android 2.1 and HTC Sense on Android terminals, some have already been playing with it, and show us that either goes wrong thing.

Nokia and Symbian

Pretty fat has been the news, perhaps the most important in the last month, and is Nokia in a fit of honesty of an officer, said that Nokia N97 user experience is all a disappointment for them, and that represents a starting point to continue creating new operating systems. Speaking of the future, teach us the first conceptual videos of Symbian ^ 4.

Other news highlights

Palm tries to improve their situation with the introduction of version 1.4 of your system operating webOS, the Palm Pre Movistar have benefited from this.

If you want to see in video that such will be the new version of the Qualcomm Snapdragon platform, do not miss this news.

Finally Christian has presented all the innovations that a renewed Alcatel preparing for this year in two articles part I – part II.

News more valued by readers

  • Samsung i8520 Beam, see your pico projector in operation
  • Nokia: we are extremely disappointed with the Nokia N97 user experience
  • Nexus One, analysis
  • Those who remain without Flash: the first generation of terminals Android and Windows Mobile 6.5
  • HTC Sense and Android 2.1 Android terminals, will work well?