The Best of The Week in Engadget Mobile, Approximates to The Mobile World Congress

Again have had a movidito week, it seems that there is no rest or to cope with the Mobile World Congress, but above the rest of news I’d like to highlight the State of the different manufacturers of smartphones with respect to their numbers in 2009, where Nokia and Symbian still dominate the market.

Speaking of Mobile World Congress, we remind you that it will take place in Barcelona, and we’ll be there to tell it from the 15 of February, but as the news are already appearing before the own exhibition we have decided to create a section in which you can follow the same news.

Operators have been changing these days, highlighting news about a pair of terminals, such as the Nokia N900 and its appearance in Movistar, and iPhone that is going up to the summer with Vodafone. Which I like the topic I recommend that you take a look at the results of the CMT in December, in which Orange stands out, and Vodafone begins to improve.

We jump to Android, which always has something to tell us, on this occasion would highlight the new terminal presentation, Motorola Devour, a phone medium in which the American company has placed high hopes, that was even part of the expensive advertising campaign for the final of the Super Bowl in the U.S., including Megan Fox.

We have also had knowledge of other high-end, HTC Incredible, terminal in the Nexus One line or the future HTC Bravo. With regard to the Google phone, has come an update that reaches the multi-touch support and improve 3G connectivity.

From Nokia We get two really important news, the first is the end of the mysterious countdown that had been prepared in relation to Symbian, It represented the full migration of the system to open source.

The other news is about to Ovi Maps, the decision to free navigation services has had an impressive response, in little more than one week of the availability of the update, and without all systems compatible with the same, the 1.4 million downloads is exceeded.

Sony Ericsson It takes a few weeks a little more lively than usual, which is to be welcomed, this week has presented the Sony Ericsson Aspen, the first terminal in the House with Windows Mobile 6.5.3, with QWERTY keyboard and touch screen at the same time. If you like the Sony Ericsson Vivaz, I recommend that you see it behaves as in his role as video recording.

To finish me I wouldn’t like you to quedarais if you see an application like Nokia Custom Dictionary, or you know a little more about Micro-SIM cards, popularised by the media iPad.

I leave you with the five news most valued by you:

  • Update for the Nexus One: improvements in connectivity 3G and multi-touch support
  • Nokia Ovi Maps snares: 1.4 million downloads
  • Nokia N900 with Movistar in February
  • The countdown is ending: Symbian migrate to open source
  • Steve Jobs wants a new iPhone at a level that Google can’t reach