Test: Which Quiz App Brings The Most Fun?

Television found abound: quiz shows in all forms and levels of difficulty with questions about God and the world. Who itself rather away want to compete by the TV offer with other players in the knowledge, access to the quiz app. This works even on the bus, in the car or in the waiting room. The most famous of the kurweiligen shenanigans is the quiz duel 2014 Apple chose the program even to the most successful app of the year. As the class-leading against four other popular quiz apps for ios and Android beats, our site has tested image.

Test results: quiz apps for iphone

Variety of topics requested

In the quiz duel the app fails at random three (out of 19) categories before, the player chooses one of them. Anders quizup: the rate Fox picks up a theme from 267 freely selectable areas of expertise: by the football club music genre and era up to the General knowledge. All other test candidates leave no choice the player issues. Instead, the apps offer the Joker known from TV shows such as the 50:50-chance. In trivia, crack cost using each Joker but in-app currency that exists for achieving success in the game or cash. Pay players at trivia must crack also if they want to compete against more than three opponents at the same time. Also sucks the app despite supposedly commercial-free version with ads for other games.

Test results: quiz apps for Android

Fun in the foreground

In practice provided with exciting duels against friends as well as with regard to the choice of subject game fun quiz duel and quizup. In quizup in addition the ambient opponent search, as well as the subject area rankings motivated: are expert in a field, you let off steam there really on desire and rise in the respective topics top lists on national as well as international. This sets the mood! Quiz duel has only a top list for all categories. When trivia the counterparty must conquer crack trophies in each category of knowledge, which in between each other again to remove them. That’s quite funny, the app does not offer the duel fun by quizup and quiz duel but. Wer wird Millionär? And who wants to be rich? Entertain even if the player has even without Internet access. Both candidates were but completely miss the motivating duel function so the fun in the test remained on track in the medium term.

Overview: the best smartphones

100 mobile phones Apple, HTC, Samsung, LG & co.

Quizzes work out some online-only

Test winner quizup and trivia and quiz duel crack have the duel against other players in the focus. This sets the mood and motivated especially if one enjoys to gamble good against mates. But who currently do not have Internet access, look in the tube: offers the possibility to play offline against the mobile but none of the three best apps in the test. Who wants to quizzen on the road without Internet access, better access to Wer wird Millionar? Or who wants to be rich?, but must to duels without.


Narrow test victory for quizup: with exciting duels against Internet opponents and friends, rankings, statistics and the enormous variety of topics quizup pointed out the popular app quiz duel place 2. Particularly successful: The free choice of subject makes it easier playing also those who would like to compete only in one area offered no other app so many ways.