Test: Two Sudio

Sudios cheaper headphone has a single goal in mind, and it does a good job.

Sudio Klang was a wired headset of in ear type which went very much to their design, while it did not sound completely wrong either. Sudio Two Swedish company is the other handset and here are the rules of the game a little differently. On the other hand looks apparently our Swedish letters wonderful exotic out, hence the name, and second, this handset a very specific mission.

It is common for those who worship the design of Apple’s own headset that comes with the Iphone, but who, for one reason or another, want something that does not look so very Apple like. Headphone shape is the same as Apple’s handset, but in the same way as Sudio did with Sound is very much about the design of the headset. Contrasting colors of a mostly understated nature is what it is all about here and it is really only the LEGO brick to the answer key that stands out more than anything else.

The sound is definitely on par with the Apple headset and perhaps somewhat better, but it is marginally so. The downside is that there is only one answer key and no volume control, which Apple’s handset is equipped with.

From this point of view, it feels like you need to be very sensitive to design to choose a Two-headset for a dog ring more than Apple’s wonder costs.