Test: Tech21 Patriot for Samsung Galaxy S5

Tech21 goes in close combat with the Otterbox and their more durable shell.

Tech21 run further on its specialty impactology, but with more protection. Patriot is the fracture series which not only protects the handset but are made to be able to take a lot of beating. Here we have a design that is somewhat reminiscent of the Otterbox Defender series, but without being divided into a hard and a soft shell. Instead, it is a relatively soft shell with built-in screen protector and belt clip included to make your phone much more durable than before. The model we test is for Samsung’s Galaxy S5, which then makes you with this shell gets a both water resistant and durable phone. So far we’ve beaten shell see it even out to actually make the reasons for the name. At the same time, it is a bit smoother than Otterbox counterparts within the same immunity.