Test: Tech21 Classic Shell with Cover

Updated variant of Tech21 ‘s ordinary shells, but also with screen protector.

Wallet case for mobiles has become quite popular in recent times. Partly, of course, for that you can tuck into both the debit card and bus pass in the same case as the cell phone (and make a kind of loss combo if you drop the handset) but also to protect the screen.Tech21 certainly has no slot for debit card and makes no claim to cover that stuff in their product, but it has borrowed the screen protector in all cases. Just shutters across the screen is a bit to take the good with the bad. For it is a great way to easily protect your screen from scratches and bumps, while it always seems to be in the way when you take a photo or similar. But it’s hardly something Tech21 is to be loaded.

The shell itself can withstand a little everyday ironing, as dropping handset in the floor and the like without claim to survive seven difficult years. A little updated shell has done away with the slightly cloying outside as its predecessor had and now the outside instead rubberized, but quite smooth. The inside is like previous Tech21 ‘s own impactology-material, which should absorb the bangs really well and for fall in the floor does it fully satisfactory.